Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREE Google Android App called "Gamers Boffin Quiz" - Computer Game Quiz App for Android


Hi guys,

just letting you know of an app I created using the Google MIT app creator online and I have to say it is an outstanding piece of kit the online developer environment. I created a simple gaming quiz with around 30 questions that is FREE to download from my website at

It is FREE to download / share with your friends and family, can be great for long road trips, flights / train journeys, or quite simply if your just bored.

More quizzes will be made when I know this app works on the majority of devices without any major problems. The quizzes which will follow will be on the topics of things like:

  • Sport
  • Movies
  • Music
  • General Knowledge
  • History
And many more. I have a few more ideas for apps and with the help of the MIT app developer videos, should get some useful apps that can be used to help people in everyday life. 

To download and install this .APK file on your phone, you will need to have in your phone settings, the ability for it to install apps from an unknown source. On the home page of the website tells you how to do this.

Thanks and enjoy guys.


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