Thursday, 24 April 2014

Call Of Duty 2014 - No Zombies Confirmed - Screenshot of soldier from Call Of Duty 2014 Modern Warfare 4

Call Of Duty 2014 first picture released of realistic soldier....but is it enough? 


NO ZOMBIES in the 2014 Call Of Duty Game By the third studio to join the now 3 strong development team to take it in turn to produce COD games. This studio is called Sledgehammer Games, but will the promise of ultra realistic graphics be enough to keep the Call Of Duty Franchise running with fresh new ideas?

The basic game has hardly changed since modern warfare, the gameplay, mechanics and perk system etc. They will need to do something very special this time around to give us a wow factor now we know zombies will not be part of this game.

Activision may cave into demand and produce a separate zombie game with Treyarch as they know everyone is screaming for more and they know its a huge money making machine zombies.

I think Treyarch should produce a separate game for Xbox One and PS4 until it is their turn to churn out another COD title. They could spend some time working on it, maybe hiring a seperate development team to work on it and another working on the next Call Of Duty game.

Zombies is a huge cash cow and Activision would be silly to ignore huge demand from players for zombies, sooner, rather than another year or two down the line. However what will COD 2014 bring?

Maybe there is something better than zombies they will include as a co-op game type? I hope its not something like Extinction because I was very unimpressed about the lack of replay value in the map packs and levels exctinciton offers compared to the awesome zombies we are used to.

Anyone any ideas what Sledgehammer Games baby will be with this COD game? Any views please let me know.

Here is the picture everyone is going crazy about the high spec detail on the character from the upcoming game which is yet to be named. To be honest, COD Ghosts promised many high detailed characters etc, you can see the hairs on their arms, wrinkles etc but everything moves so fast in it to be honest I have not noticed this once because they don't stop moving in the game people.

Let me know your thoughts.


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