Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Classic Zombie Map Layouts along with Easter Eggs and Secrets - COD Zombified

Hi guys, 

Here are some classic zombie maps and their secrets if your in the mood for some retro zombies with your friends either on one player or multiplayer matches::

Call Of The Dead: http://codzombified.blogspot.com/p/call-of-dead.html

Der Riese: http://codzombified.blogspot.com/p/der-riese.html

Die Rise: http://codzombified.blogspot.com/p/die-rise.html

Kino Der Toten: http://codzombified.blogspot.com/p/kino-der-toten.html

You may have missed some secrets when first playing these levels so check them out to see if there are any parts, secrets or Easter Eggs you may have missed the first time around.

Thanks for reading and watching the videos on them.


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