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Kraken Wonder Weapon Elemental Upgrade - Voyage Of Despair Zombies Black Ops 4

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here is how to upgrade the Kraken Wonder Weapon in the zombies map Voyage of Despair in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. If you thought this gun couldn't get anymore deadlier, your wrong. 

First up we of course need the Kraken wonder weapon which can be obtained frmo the Kraken itself by getting the Stokers key and finding the treasure chests and charging them with zombie souls. If not sure how to do this and a little bit lost then check out the Kraken Guide.Otherwise, you can simply spin the mystery box until you get it which might be a bit more costly.

Next we need to upgrade the buildables table by finding 3 different parts scattered around the map. This will then allow us to build the DISTILLATION KIT on the table.

There are also 4 elemental upgrades for the Kraken and when you get into the higher rounds, you will come across different types of elemental zombies that when you kill them, drop different body parts which you can pick up.

Now lets go about about upgrading this mighty beast with some elemental forces behind it...

Piece by Piece
Before we can upgrade the Kraken, we need to find 3 parts in order to upgrade the buildables table within this map. Once this has been built, we can proceed with the upgrade of this beastly weapon.

Part 1 Location
First we need to head down to the 1st CLASS LOUNGE area to find the first part for this upgrade. There are 2 possible places in this lounge that the part can spawn, both on tables in the same room that you can enter through a broken window with a door leading up like a ramp you would launch your BMX off when you were younger.

Spawn Location 1

Spawn Location 2

Part 2 Location
The second part can be located in the GALLEY area which can be accessed from the DINING HALL area. Once you go in from this direction, its on the bench along the left hand side which has a cosy fire brewing in the corner.

This is a funnel type object with a hose attached.

Spawn Location 1

If it is not in this location, then at the very back of the GALLEY area, there are some shelves which the same part may also spawn on.

Spawn Location 2

Part 3 Location
The third and final part is located in the CARGO HOLD area. Don't forget to drain the water from here in order to make it easier for you to look around this area.

The first spawn location in this area is beside where a light shines from the wall onto some boxes located in the middle of the Cargo area, on top of where a lantern normally sits on top of several boxes.

Spawn Location 1

Spawn Location 2
This is just beside where the CAR is located in the CARGO HOLD. Simply look where its headlights are shining, then just to the right of them in the corner, there is a springy thingy sitting on top of the boxes there. Pick it up.

A body part apart from each other
Now we have the pieces of the table ready to upgrade the buildables table, we first need to pick up some elemental material. This material comes from elemental zombies that start to spawn in the higher rounds.

Jormungandr's Fang
One such material from a toxic poisonous type zombie when you kill it, is it drops its heart. Walking up to it and picking it up it asks you to pickup up "CONTCENTRATED DECAY"....which sounds radioactive and very dangerous, but needs must. This acidic zombie will transform the Kraken into "Jormungandr's Fang".

When you get a piece of a zombie, head over to the ENGINE ROOM area and upgrade the buildable table made specifically for this task:

This of course has upgraded the weapon into an acidic version of the Kraken's bullets. It will cost 6000 credits a pop to change the ammo over to another. Dealing more damage than the normal bullets. You can also PACK A PUNCH this ammo as well to deal evener more damage, it just gets better and better.

Breath of Leviathan
You can also transform the ammo to any of the other elemental ammo when you pick up that zombies body part. For example if you kill a FIRE ZOMBIE it drops a part called "CONCENTRATED PLASMA". 

When you pick this up simply head back to the ENGINE ROOM area and the upgraded buildable table and transfer to the new bullet type:

This will transform the Kraken into the "Breath of Leviathan" with its insane flame power added to it.

Grip of Akkorokamui
Next up if we kill a ice/frozen type of zombie, its drops the "CONCENTRATED PURITY" part. take it to the table and upgrade it, it changes the Kraken to the "Grip of Akkorokamui".

I think your starting to see a pattern developing here on how it works. One last ammo type is called "CONCENTRATED RADIANCE" which can be picked up from killing the yellow electrical style zombies.

Still not sure how to upgrade the Kraken? Then check out MRDALEKJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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