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Easter Egg Guide for Voyage of Despair Part 3 - Black Ops 4 Zombies Walkthrough

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Bossing me around again huh?

Now we have entered the POR.....point of no return....well so the boss says but, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I cam back from my play through of the game so I call him a liar......even though he did kill me the first 20 play he was telling the truth the first 20 times, but last time he was a liar.

So lets say hello to the big bad boss in this level and see what his problem is, to which, we have the answer.....lots of gunfire!

This boss does not give up easy and has 5 different phases, compared to in previous zombie bosses there may have been 3 phases or so to get through.

As soon as we re-emerge from our teleportation from the Poop Deck to the boss area, we will be underwater staring a a humongous tree in an area called "Inside the Iceberg". 

All we need to do here is swim towards the artefact that is lodges in the centre of the tree and pick it up. Easy right? All players must hold the use button to activate it.

This will then teleport you back to the boat and out of the icy, murky waters and make a giant iceberg emerge from the depths and overshadow the boat. It will also make a BLUE EYE appear on the boat, just pretend you didn't.....see......the eye for now.....see what I did there.

The eye is not important just yet, when it appears you just have to stay alive and survive the zombie hordes and the multitude of various zombies attacking you suck as Stokers, Catalysts, Blight Fathers etc. Standing your ground and kicking zombie undead ass is the way to go here.

After a period of time when they realise you ain't dying this way, and the screen will turn white again and the onslaught will reward you with a MAX AMMO and a CARPENTER power up. 

Pick these up quick as after the zombie onslaught has ended, you will then be teleported to the Engine Room.

Engine Trouble

Here we will repeat the same zombie onslaught as witnessed previously, except in much tighter quarters. Do the same again and survive the zombie horde for several minutes and you will be rewarded with another MAX AMMO and CARPENTER.

Once the onslaught has again ended, you have a minute or two before being telported to the next area which will be the State Rooms

Enemy of the State....Eye Eye Captain

Now in the State Rooms area things will be slightly different here as the dreaded blue eye will appear at various exists in this area and use an ice beam to freeze your molecules so he can use you as an ice cube in his favourite drink.

When you get hit with the ice beam, you will be frozen like and ice cream, but don't panic as just melee with the knife attack will break you out of this sticky situation.

All you have to do is seek shelter in rooms, avoid the zombie hordes and the eye's ice beam blasts and lean out of door ways shooting into the eye every chance you get.

Its as simple as that. It will take a lot of damage this eye, he must be wearing contact lenses as a force field or something, but in time he will hit the deck like a sack of spuds, then you will be teleported to the "Promenade Starboard Deck".

Here we follow the same process, however the eye will have spawn on the open side of the deck and ship and be firing its ice beam like a looney tune all over all over the place. All we have to do here is pump enough rounds into the eye so that it starts to crack.

As you do more damage, you will see cracks in the eye getting bigger and your characters will be throwing out some shout outs to notify you that damage is being done.....along with a few jokes.

Once you have caused enough damage it will explode, screen goes white and you will be teleported back to the Poop Deck. Don't forget to pick up CARPENTER and MAX AMMO power ups before you go.

Last but not least

On the poop deck we go through the same motions again, los of zombies spawning left right and centre, along with the GIANT BLUE EYE spawning in the air and firing ice beams all around the show freezing half the planet. 

What we need to do here again is simple, survive the zombies and keep dealing damage to the eye, which you will see start to crack the more damage you do to him.

One slight difference in this last stage is that the eye can instantly kill you with one of his attacks hes kept up his pupil.....well he doesn't have sleeves.....where the boss lets out a crying sound after you do enough damage to him each time from him shooting the ice blasts.

This new attack is an insta-kill and can totally wipe out the whole team and all your hard work. When you hear the loud crying noise, the eye will appear at the very back of the Poop Deck and it will be charging up his attack. You need to pump as many bullets you can into him at this point in order to get him to cancel the attack.

This is where people best suggest using the Water Elemental Kraken weapon as it deals huge amounts of damage....and probably blurs his eye sight as well. If you do not do enough damage into him, the WHITE MECHANIC in the game will execute here and all your team members will go down so be careful and pay attention to what he is doing.

You will have to avoid this mechanic and do enough damage into him when he charges this super move, 3 times over before he finally croaks it.

When the eye bursts, it will play the cut scene and you will have successfully completed this map woo hoo!


Here is the ending for Voyage of Despair and explanation:

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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