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Special Weapon from the Mystery Box - Voyage Of Despair Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is how to get Special Weapons from the Mystery Box within Voyage of Despair zombies map in Black Ops 4. Its very easy to do and can get you some awesome heavy weaponry to demolish zombie flesh with. All you need to do is feed a piano what it desires the most.....musical notes!

We don't need to spoon feed the piano's on board this doomed ship, we simply have to find the sheet music, batter each of the pianos, launch a fire sale and then collect our nice new special weapon from the mystery box.

So, lets get started and bring the music to my ears......I mean pianos.

Start On a High Note
In order to get the ball rolling, we need to find 3 different pieces of sheet music scattered around the map.

Sheet Music and Piano 1 Location
Exiting the 1ST CLASS LOUNGE area that leads onto the PROMENADE PORT DECK, will put us within reaching distance of the 1st sheet of music. It is located just outside on a bench next to a suitcase with a hat on top on the left hand side of this area. 

Hold the use button to pick it up and we will now place it on one of 3 pianos dotted around the ship. Lets place this one on the piano at the LOWER GRAND STAIRCASE area which is just outside the DINING HALL area.

Sheet Music and Piano 2 Location
The second piece of sheet music is on one of the tables when you enter the DINING HALL from the GRAND STAIRCASE area. 

If you stick to the top right hand upper most corner of the room, you will see it on top of one of the green tables, beside stacked plates and cups. When picking it up simply turn around and look into the Dining Room centre and on the left you will see a piano against the wall.

Sheet Music and Piano 3 Location
Last but not least, the final location of the last musical page is in the PROMENADE STARBOARD DECK area, very lovingly thrown on the floor like a wet lettuce. Just to the right of a stack of shelves, next to a very green plant.

We then put this last piece of the musical puzzle onto the piano that is at the top of the GRAND STAIRCASE AREA

Literally Smashing Piano Music.....just brilliant
Now our sheet music is in place, we need to run as fast as we can to each of the piano's with one of the special weapons within the game. One special weapon we do know it works for is the "Scepter of Ra", if you have it, smash each of the pianos with a ruddy good bang from your melee attack before it is too late as there is a timer.

A little tip everyone likes to use is obtaining the Stamina-Up perk so that you can sprint for longer without being outta breath by the time you get to each piano. This perk is located in the FORECASTLE area.

When you melee all 3 of the beautifully crafted pianos and devalue them by about 20 grand, one of them will catch on fire with a blue flame. 

The 2 pianos which are not on fire need their sheet music swapped around. Run to the locations of the ones which are not on fire, hold the USE button to pick up that pianos sheet music, then run to the other piano and hit the USE button once to pick up its sheet music, then hit the USE button again to put down the sheet music from the other piano onto this one.

Then run to the other piano which now does not have any sheet music on it and hold the USE button again to put the music from the other piano onto this one.....simple. Lastly play us a tune if you know any to brighten the mood......please no more jingle bells if that's the only tune you know.

Now lets smash them one more time like after a rock concert and the lead guitarist has gone nuts with an epic guitar solo and decides he wants a new guitar by smashing it off the ground. Smash all 3 pianos again and this time all 3 of them should catch fire with the blue flame.

End on a Low Note
Now that the last piano has been hit on fire, run as fast as you can down to the mystery box and melee it as well. 

This will trigger a fire sale. Now all you need to do to get the Mystery Box to start spitting out Special Weapons is:

  • Melee all 3 pianos 1 more time
  • Melee the mystery Box

Once you have done this the mystery box will unleash 1 of 3 of its goodies....

  • Scepter of Ra
  • Viper and Dragon
  • Hammer of Valhalla

To change the weapon again, simply repeat the process with meleeing the 3 pianos and the mystery box.

Still not sure how to do it?

Then check out Glitch's video below on Youtube:

Thanks for reading as always guys and gals.


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