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Activating Pack A Punch in Voyage Of Despair Zombies - Black Ops 4

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here is how to activate Pack A Punch within the awesome new map, based on the legendary Titanic, called "Voyage Of Despair". Its a huge map so pay close attention and try not to get lost because if you do, your zombie food.

Pack A Punch is started off by Activating the Artifact on the Poop Deck, then running around like a mad man trying to find 4 Pedestals to activate.

Want to know where those Pedestals are located? Well why didn't you say, lets get started.....

That Packs a Real Punch!

Pedestal Location 1 - Poop Deck

Once the Artifact has been activated at the Wheel on the Poop Deck, just in front of the wheel, on the deck below, you will see 1 of 4  Orange Glowing Orbs. These Orbs need to be activated as they are part of the Pack A Punch Pedestal. 

Each Pedestal has a symbol associated with it. Once the symbol is activated, it will turn white on the diagram just below the floating symbol, then the orange symbol will disappear.

They can be activated in any order you like, but best just activating each one as you come across them to save back tracking and saving my poor old aching feet more miles of walking.

Pedestal Location 2 - Mail Rooms

Head down to the Mail Room area and find the door which leads to the Cargo Hold. This will feel like a slap in the face with a wet lettuce, as to open this door will cost 2000 smackers.....however its all worth it and for the greater good.

When you go into the Cargo Hold area you will notice the place is flooded with water...….time to man up and take the plunge into the icy water, as the second Pedestal we need to activate is located underneath. Take a deep breath and dive in, when you go under the water you will see directly ahead of you an Orange glowing portal, simple turn 180 degrees and swim to the furthest opposite end to the orange portal.

Here you will find the second pedestal which you can hold the use button to activate. Now lets find Pedestal number 3.

Pedestal Location 3 - Lower Grand Staircase

This Pedestal is located at the base of the most famous staircase in the world. Take all the stairs down to the very bottom from the Upper Grand Staircase all the way to the bottom, no stopping for photo opportunities here as the ship is sinking remember? 

Run all the way down the stairs as fast as you can and when you get to the lowest part of the Lower Grand Staircase, you will see the 3rd Pedestal. Activate it and you will see only one more left to go.

Depending on whether you do these in the order described here or not, the Pack A Punch will spawn where the last activated Pedestal is located. So you have 4 options of where you would like it to be located so your spoilt for choice, just like a first class passenger was.

Pedestal Location 4 - Engine Room

This last location is only accessible via the teleporter that has appeared after activating the Artifact. The teleporters location is in the Millionaire Suites. This will cost you 500 credits to use but for a millionaire, its loose change. When you go through the teleporter you will arrive at the Provisions area.

Go through the room with all the meat hung up and to the right will be a door that leads you to the Engine Room area. Now, wet lettuce time again, this door costs another eye watering 2000 credits to open, cue lettuce slap, so suck it up and head into the Engine Room.

Walk along the gangway and clear the debris that you find that leads you to another underwater adventure. When you drop down into the cold water again, look for the pedestal through a small opening that leads into the Turbine Room, and activate it. Voila, you will now see Pack A Punch in all its glory.

Even though Pack A Punch has spawned here, it does after a certain amount of time start to move around the map at the different pedestal locations. Just be aware of that.

Still having trouble? Then check out MrDalekJD's video on YouTube to solve all your problems....well in relation to this level:

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