Thursday, 7 January 2016

Upgraded Lil Arnies in Shadows Of Evil Zombies - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3



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Hi guys,
 here is the guide on how to upgrade the Lil' Arnies in Shadows of Evil for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 to make them much more powerful. Before getting them you get treated to a dance from a little alien which reminds me of the alien near the end of Spaceballs the movie which danced in the diner singing "Hello my Baby, helly my hunny hello my ragtime gal...." which is a very funny scene which takes the micky out of the Aliens movies as the alien pops out of the guys chest in the diner. For those who have not seen the scene from Spaceballs, check it out below:

First and foremost to complete this Easter Egg, you must already have:

  • Obtained the Lil Arnies from the mystery box
  • Completed all 4 rituals
  • Placed the Gate worms obtained from the ritual tables in the Rift to unlock Pack A Punch
In order for the upgrade to take effect, you need to get 100 kills with the Lil' Arnies first. This may be done over as many rounds as needed as you will run out from time to time before getting to 100 kills and need a max ammo in order to replenish your Lil' Arnie supply to continue with this Easter Egg. When you have successfully annihilated 100 zombies with Arnies crazy thrashing arm throwing, you will hear a weird Lil' Arnie scream letting you know you have either stepped on a baby one, or moreover, completed the initial first step of the Easter Egg for upgrading them.

Next you will need to find 3 items located around the map which you will need Lil' Arnies in order to make them disappear. When you locate each of the items dotted around the map, you just simply throw a Lil' Arnie near it and it will disappear. The 3 items you are looking for are:

  • A Top Hat - Located in Nero's Landing
  • A Bow Tie - Located in the Boxing Gym Changing Room
  • A Walking Cane - Located in the Ruby Rabbit near table and chairs

Once you have thrown a Lil' Arnie at each of the items and made them disappear, you need to head over to the Burlesque houses stage area. To do the next part you will need some more Lil' Arnies in your inventory to make this work. Run up to the stage and throw a Lil' Arnie onto the stage area and sit back and relax and get ready for a very funny show that is quite cute, but should also tickle your ribs a little bit as its funny.

After the Gate Worms and the Lil' Arnie have finished shaking their asses, your supply of Lil' Arnies will be replenished and they will be upgraded. The Upgraded Lil' Arnies kill zombies quicker and when they are killed, they do drop powerups now, whereas the normal Lil' Arnie when it kills zombies, does not drop any powerups at all.

You will notice that when a normal Lil' Arnie is thrown, it has a green gas surrounding it, however the upgraded Arnie has a purple gas around it this time.

To see the locations of the items you need Lil' Arnie to get rid of first and their locations on the map, check out the full Easter Egg guide to doing this made by the infamous MrDalekJD here:

Thanks for reading as always guys and enjoy the game.