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Pack A Punch in Zombies In Spaceland - Infinite Warfare

Secrets: Elemental Weapon Upgrades -- Turning On Power -- Pack A Punch -- N31L Upgrade --

Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder -- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hey guys,

Here is how to find the Pack A Punch room in Zombies in Spaceland for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Pack A Punch this time around is hidden away inside a portal, to get this portal to Pack A Punch, you need to turn on all the power switches on that are scattered throughout Spaceland, as you can imagine, portals use a lot of juice.

The Pack A Punch room also contains the UFO which you can release into the map and then charge up with zombie souls when your weapon has an arcane core attached, subsequently rewarding you with an elemental upgrade for your weapon, depending on which colour of UFO you charge up.

So lets all hop aboard the Pack A Punch teleporter and energize you to upgraded weapons heaven...

Step 1 - I just don't have the energy anymore

We first need to supply enough power to the teleporters in Spaceland to get us to the elusive Pack A Punch room.  So we need to flip all of the power switches that are located in each section of the map. When each is turned on individually, it only restores power to that particular section, leaving the rest in a black out stage. If you are not sure of all of the locations of the Power switches, you would make a terrible electrician, however luckily my TURNING ON THE POWER GUIDE will make it much easier for you.....and stop you getting electrocuted.

Step 2 - Energize!

Once the power is turned on in every section of Spaceland, you will notice there are four teleporters now available, one teleporter in each section. To activate Pack A Punch, simply pass through all 4 of these teleporters by walking up to them and pressing the USE button on the small control box beside each one, then once you see the portal appear, go up to it and press USE to enter. This portal will take you to the teleporter in the centre of the map with the floating planet above it each time.

You will have to pass through all four teleporters in this step. Simply walk up to the teleporter and hit the action button in each teleporter to use it. After you activate each teleporter, there will be a fifth teleporter in the center of the map with a floating planet above it, which is where you will emerge from each time you use a teleporter. You will also notice that if you look above the central teleporter when you emerge, there are 4 lights that start to become illuminated each time you activate a teleporter in an area. You have guessed it, there are 4 teleporters in total and each time you activate another, another light will illuminate.

When all 4 lights are on, which are a blue colour, you can now proceed to the Pack A Punch room and get some killer fire power.

This is also where Pack A Punch can be entered from.

Step 3 - Quiet guys...we didn't come this far to get found out.....FOUND EM!

Pack A Punch is located through this central teleporter and you enter by simply walking up to it and pressing use. When all your particles and atoms are put back together, you will notice an ancient looking old film projector, this is the Pack A Punch machine in all its beauty and glory.

It will cost 5,000  points to use the Pack A Punch machine which is well worth it, simply walk up and press the action button to start the animation. The Pack A Punch animation takes a few seconds so be patient :).

Still not sure how to find Pack A Punch? Then check out +MrRoflWaffles Youtube video below which is very easy to follow.

Voila! You are now the proud discoverer of the ancient and wonderful upgraded killing machine that is Pack A Punch, enjoy!

Thanks for reading as always guys


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