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Pack A Punch in Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies - Infinite Warfare

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here is how to get to the Pack A Punch machine in Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies for Infinite Warfare. It involves doing a few favours for the beautiful Elvira who seems to be just lazing about in this map, not bothered that a zombie apocalypse is tearing the planet well as people. Lets see how we get her to open the portals to Pack A Punch for us, it involves a book and a vial to be charged with acid soldier zombie souls. Easy!

Lets do our checklist first and make sure that you have the POWER TURNED ON before starting to unlock PACK A PUNCH. Once the juice is flowing to all the maps electrical circuits, we may begin.

We will first have to have a little chit chat with Elvira:

She will mention that she needs a spell book and in order to get this strange request, we could go to the library, however in our game we will go to the DINER near the MAIN SPAWN AREA  When you enter the diner, go into the room where the Ghosts N Skulls machine is located, where you will notice a small panel on the wall to the left of the machine is lying open.

In this panel, you will find the book she is looking for. Pick this book up and take it back to her, why she couldn't just order it from Amazon?? beyond me as they deliver right to the door. Once you return to her, give her the book and she will give you a very cool, and what looks like a highly radioactive substance of toxic waste, green vial.

With this chemical vial equipped, you now need to fill it with zombies souls, but not just any zombie soul will do....ohhh no this vile is must be with the souls of the SOLDIER ZOMBIES which have been infected by the NUCLEAR ACID.

These soldier zombies are the ones who have the full soldier uniform, usually dark green and have helmets on. They will also have a green glow to them letting you know they are infected with the acid. You need to simply MELEE these zombies and collect the acid that drains from them....probably containing part of their soul in the process.

Pressing the BACK BUTTON will display the menu of the items you have collected so far and will show you how much the vial has been filled up currently. It takes around 5 - 10 zombies to fill the vial up.

Once it has been totally filled up, head back to Elvira and give her the vial.

Once she receives the vial, she wants to get in on the zombie ass kicking action and gets up out of her chair and starts to mow down zombies for you.

When Elvira is up and about, you want to guide her to 1 of 4 locations around the map. When she gets there, she will summon a portal that will take you to Pack A Punch. 

These portal locations are in the following 4 locations:

  • Outside Elvira's Room
  • In the Campfire Area
  • By the Diner where the spell book was found
  • Random spawn location on the map

When a portal is created you can find it by looking up into the sky and searching for a pulsing sort of energy surge like lightning every few seconds. Its like the mystery boxes beam of light into the air but it pulses every few seconds. The portals do move around the map frequently.

Enter these portals and you can Pack A Punch for 5000 credits as standard.

Still not sure how to do it? Check out Mr Darlek JD's Video here:

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