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Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Guide Part 2 - Infinite Warfare


Part 2 of the Easter Egg Guide

Step 6 - Why don't you gauge the pressure I'm under?

You’ll want to hold on to the Crowbar for the Easter egg, as you’ll need it several times throughout the whole process. Using the Crowbar, look under the desk in the back of the Beachside Market to obtain four numbers. These numbers are totally random through every play through. Once you have these numbers, you will need to turn four pressure gauges located throughout this map to these numbers by hitting them with the old faithful Crowbar. It does not matter which number is input into which gauge, as long as all 4 numbers have been input at some point at a pressure gauge. 

These gauges can be found at the locations listed below.
  • Gauge 1 can be found behind the gas station.

  • Gauge 2 can be located on the right side of the Snack Shack.

  • Gauge 3 is located behind the shack in the Power Station area.

  • Gauge 4 is hidden in the motel room where you acquire the Crowbar.

Once the numbers have been inputted, the safe in the back of the Beachside Market will open, allowing you to obtain the Nuclear Launch Codes. Why there is no one handcuffed to these codes, nicknaming a briefcase "The Football" and stopping you from picking the code up as easy as buying a candy bar in a supermarket by shooting beyond me.

Do make sure however you write the code down on a piece of paper, as you cannot check your inventory when inputting the code later on.

Step 7 - Playing with toxic chemicals is fun!

After getting the Nuclear Launch Codes, head to the Gas Station and activate the garage door on the right side with the key you stole from the zombie shot by the death ray, tied to the bed. This will give you access to the all-new Chemical Station, where you can make chemicals. First, though, you will need to find three pieces for the lab.
  • The Number Input Computer can be found on the picnic table between the beach and the RV Park. Its a big beast so put your back into it when lifting it.

  • The Gauges can be located on a picnic table in the RV Park.

  • The final piece, the Tubes/Valves, can be grabbed off a couch in the back of the Beachside Market. It almost looks like drug paraphernalia...yes a bong :).

Once you have the parts, return them to the gas station and place all of the parts on the buildable table to create the chemical station.

When in this room, to the right of the chemical station is a new page from Elvira's spell book which you should pick up while in here. It is just beside some tyres on a shelf to the right of the chemical station.

Step 8 - Receive at Reception Mmmmm Tasty Number

Now you need to find what your M-symbol’s number is in order to solve the chemical equations that will be on this map. This number can be found above the radio in the motels pool area. Simply nip into the Reception office and turn right as soon as you enter to get the M number on the wall.

Step 9 - "O....where art thou?"

After finding the M-symbol’s number, it’s time to solve the next part of the equation and solve for O. There are four possible locations for this number to be found. Which are listed  below:
  • Door of the Gas Station

  • Next to the fridge in the back of the Beachside Market

  • On the fridge in the RV, here you will need to Pack A Punch and go through the portal, press the button in the projector room to get into the RV and teleport out again.

  • Under the bridge.

In order to solve this part of the equation, though, you’re going to need to change the colour of the map up. Head to Elvira’s TV Studio and use the machine inside to change the colour of the map. Now, head to the locations listed above, and whichever location does not have a number with an = sign behind it is your solution for O. 

If during the colour changes a equals sign appears with a line through it, it means that this number is not correct for O, note this number as it will be the one you will be multiplying M by. If a slash does not appear through the equals sign when changing the filters from red, green and blue, it means the O symbol is definitely the number you are currently looking at and you can move onto the next one.

Step 10 - Maths 101

Now, take your O and multiply it by your M. When you get your total for this number, head back to the TV beside Elvira and you will see 3 ranges of numbers. Each range relates to a colour filter as can be seen in the following picture:

If your number is:
  • LESS than 53 - Change to the BLUE colour filter
  • BETWEEN 53 and 55 - Change to the RED colour filter
  • OVER 55 - Change to the GREEN colour filter

You will then need to stay on this color setting until told otherwise.

Step 11 - Science and Maths combined....oh what fun awaits!

You will have to use these formula boards to create chemicals that Dr. Bright will tell you about shortly on the radio scattered around the map. You will need to place down the proper ingredients and then input the number that you get by adding the top and left number of each ingredient’s chemical diamond and then subtract the solution for O from that amount. It should be noted that the numbers and colours needed to complete the Easter egg will change each time you do the map. You can find helpful chalkboards at the following locations:

  • Near the Insect Repellent at Spawn.
  • Outside the TV Studio.
  • On the beach near the water.
  • In the RV Park.
  • Inside the gas station.
  • Behind the Beachside Market.

When in this colour filter, to create these ingredients, we need to take the top number and add it to the left number in each of the formulas at the end of each ingredient.

For example if we need to make PLANT FOOD, which is the formula highlighted above with the arrows, we add 9 + 2 to give us 11. Just keep all this in mind as first we will need to find the radios dotted around the map to get instructions as to what compounds we are going to create that will work with the nuke we are going to build and will probably blow our eyebrows off with.

We now need to go around the map and listen to each of the radios until we find the one radio where Dr Bright mentions the chemical we must use and he KNOWS willin order to destroy the radioactive thing on this map.

Step 12 - Duracell Bunny Goes Longer....Much Longer

You should now be able to start acquiring batteries from zombies as item drops or perhaps already picked up along the way before these steps. If you don't have any batteries, start doing what your good at and enjoy by killing zombies, and then once you have acquired some batteries, head to the Motel Office and place them in the radio there. You should also place a battery in the radio at the Power Station, too.

Not all radios need a battery, but if one of the radios does require a battery, its more than likely the correct one where Dr Bright will give you the chemical he knows that will kill the radioactive thing.

Step 12 - Radio....someone still loves youuuuu! Radio Goo Goo, Radio Ga Ga!

Here is the list of the Radio locations on this map, who said radio was dead or video killed the radio store?:

  • In the Motel Reception
  • Behind the Gas Station
  • On the beach heading towards the RV Park
  • In the Power Station
  • In Elvira's Studio on a chair

Listen to the information on each radio, and then make note of the chemical that Dr. Bright claims he KNOWS will kill the monster. He rambles on for an eternity but listen carefully until he mentions the exact compound that will kick this radioactive beings ass.

Still unsure how to do the steps? Check out Mr Darlek JD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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