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Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Guide - Infinite Warefare Zombies

here is how to complete the awesome "Attack of the Radioactive Thing" zombies for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. It is a long winded one and its a bit tricky but it will be so worth it at the end, trust me. Its going to feel like a school lesson it involves maths, science and blowing stuff up with nukes.....who says maths and science couldn't be fun huh?

Lets get started this is gonna take a while :)

Step 1 - Who turned the lights out?

First we need to get the electrical juices flowing through this map and make it alive....aliiiiiveeee I tells you! This basically means we have to activate the power which in turn will allow us to grab Elvira’s spell book from the safe inside the Ice Cream Shop.

Here you will also find out how to Pack A Punch, this is required in order to progress to step 2 so its compulsory, and it will provide you with some additional kick ass weaponry to help with the end boss.

Step 2 - Where is Dr Frankenstein when you need him?

Next we need to build a Zombie Body in the spawn area, definitely makes a change from Build a Bear. This can be done by acquiring several different pieces from around the map. The locations of the body parts are shown below, make sure to wash your hands after picking these up ewww:

  • Head: Talk to Elvira, give her back the green vial she gave you filled up with radioactive zombie soldier souls killed with the meat cleaver.  When she gets off her couch, lead her to the location where she generates a portal to Pack A Punch. Head to Pack-a-Punch and use the button on the wall to teleport back to the real world into an RV where you can get this part of the Zombie Body, which is just sitting on the window sill of the RV's front.

  • Torso: Get the Crowbar that you need to acquire the MAD Wonder Weapon. The crowbar is found in the pool area up one set of stairs right beside the BOMBSTOPPERS perk machine. Simply go up the stairs and into the back room where you will see the crow bar lying against the wall and pick it up. Then repair and activate the Deep Freeze Trap in the supermarket by heading over to the Garage Area and picking up the power box that was missing from it and place it back onto the wall where the sparking panel is. Once that is done, activate the trap to freeze the pig carcasses stored in there, then when finished,  melee the pig in front of the zombie torso, and it will explode, giving you access to the torso itself. A "cool ice shattering" performance.

  • Left Arm: The left arm can be obtained from a fire pit in the RV Park. It is located just to the right of a  Green lorry towing a caravan as shown in the picture above. Pick up that BBQ'd arm to acquire it.....damn these people must be hungry to eat a zombie arm, rather them than me :)

  • Right Arm: Build the Seismic Wave Generator, and then head to the beach where you found the Power Handle to turn on the power for this map and place the generator on the sand. The generator will pound the ground several times, causing the arm to lift back out of the ground little by little each time it thuds the ground, allowing you to obtain it.

  • Left Leg: learn how to get the awesome Cleaver melee weapon, and then use it to kill a Radioactive Zombie. This left leg will appear by cleaving the very first radioactive soldier zombie that appears in the game, so keep an eye out for that elusive left leg.....don't let it walk off on you.

  • Right Leg: Head over to the TV Studio near where Elvira is located and use a grenade to knock the leg hanging in the tree behind the studio down. How it got up there God knows. Blowing the tree up will allow you to grab the leg and add it to your collection. Now I know what its like for a chicken when it gets its leg removed.

  • Glass Shard: Head to the RV Park and melee the unbroken mirror in the bathroom using the Crowbar. This will give you the Glass Shard.

  • Car Mirror: You can get the Car Mirror off the white car in front of the gas station. Use the Crowbar to melee the passenger mirror and knock it off.

  • Hand Mirror: While Elvira is up and about getting exercise by mowing down zombie hordes, head over to the couch where she was lying down. You will notice she's not here, but she will have left behind a hand mirror, pick this up and your good to go. If she is sitting down summon her and lead here away from the studio and you will see the mirror.

When you have all of these pieces, make your way back to the main spawn where you will lay out the 3 mirror pieces around the hospital bed with the blood packages around it. One mirror goes on the brown wooden crates, the shard goes on the little table beside the bed with the blood packs and pills on it and the last piece goes to the right of the bed on top of the orange and green crates.

Then once these have been placed down, in the middle there is a raised bed in this room, place the zombie body parts onto them bed and you will see them all appear.

Step 3 - My card never got the Punchline

Now it’s time to move on to the next step. Head to the Ice Cream Shop and get the Scantron punch card which is sitting on a desk in the ice cream shop next to the Ghosts N Skull arcade machine. Once you have it, place it inside the machine at spawn and a series of nine numbers will flash across the screen. From here you need to simply try every combination you can until you get it. Keep in mind that the combination can only include the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. 

You will also notice yellow lights going from left to right, when you push one of the numbers, you will notice a red light appear in a specific location for this number. You need to line up with each correct button push and time it so that when you push the number and it glows red, the yellow lights is also on the red at the same time. It will take some trial and error so do not expect to get this first go, only Alan Turing could do this baby first time.

A single zombie hit while doing this process will throw you out of it and you need to enter it again.

Once you have got the first set of numbers, you can interact with the death ray to the right of the computer you input the code into. This will shoot the mini death ray at the zombie corpse on the bed and turn it into a real life zombie.

 Step 4 - Anyone seen my Car keys?

After finding the number in Step 3, input it once more,this time backwards and activate the Death Ray for a second time. It will glow a different colour as it is now in transformation mode and when it hits the zombie tied to the bed, it seems to turn it into a set of Renault Laguna keys? I could swear these look like that kind of cars keys.... anyway what will really happen is the zombie inside will be killed, and it will drop a key for the player to pick up.

Pick this up and keep it close as we will be using it very shortly.

Step 5 - Nuclear Winter
Step five requires players to find the 3 parts needed to build the Nuke. I hope to build a nuke in real life is not this simple. Collect the parts as outline below.

  • The first part is found under the red car between the motel and the TV Studio underneath the RED CAR with green acid around it: 

  • The second piece is found at the end of the stream that passed under the bridge:

  • The final piece can be obtained from the ground behind a fence gate outside of Elvira’s TV Studio.


Still unsure of what to do? Then follow Mr Darlek JD's video below:

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