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Getting the Cleaver In Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies - Infinite Warfare

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Hey guys,

here is how to get the awesome CLEAVER melee weapon in Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Its not difficult to do, all it will require you is to open your wallet. flash and splash some cash to open several doors that lead you to it, then all you do is pick it up and clean off a pile of shark guts, easy as pie.

Lets go for a walk
From the main spawn room, head out the exit that leads towards the Power Station. This will be the one that when you exit you will see the ice cream parlour on the right hand side while walking up the hill. Keep walking up the hill and you will see the power station on the right hand side.

Continue past the Power Station, until you see a small yellow truck in the middle of the road. Take a left after this truck and head up the little dirt bath that will take you to the back entrance of the convenience store. The door is initially unopened and will cost a whopping $1500 to open it, daylight robbery if you ask me.

Shark fin soup anyone?
Once the doorway is clear, head through the back store room, on through the office where the safe is containing the nuclear launch codes, past the frozen pigs in the freezer room which contains the zombie torso, until your right at the front of the shop where the till is and selling counter.

Go behind the counter on the preparation area up against the wall on the left, you will see a dead shark with the cleaver stucking out of it. Remove the cleaver from the fish by holding the interact button on it and proceed to melee the hell out of zombies from this point on with it.

Up to about round 10 the cleaver will be one hit kills. This melee weapon will replace anything you currently have as a melee.

The cleaver is needed in order to charge the green vial that Elvira gives you in the TV Studio which you need to charge with Acid Soldiers Blood / Souls by meleeing them with this weapon.

Still not sure? Then check out the following video below from MJPWGaming (the doors are already open in his video:

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