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Seismic Wave Generator Build guide for Attack of the Radioactive Thing - Infinite Warfare

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: -- Turning on Power -- Pack A Punch -- Double Pack A Punch -- Cleaver -- Seismic Wave Generator -- MAD Wonder Weapon -- Hidden Song -- Crowbar -- Skull hop -- Play as Elvira --

Hey guys,

here is how to find the blue prints and parts needed to build the new Seismic Wave Generator weapon in Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Get your engineering hat on as before we can build the weapon, we need to get the blueprints which will tell us parts we need to build it.

When we find the blueprints, we will take it to a buildable bench and drop the blueprint down onto that table, we will then in turn search for the pars needed to build this zombie ass kicking machine.

I'm feeling blue

To find the blueprints, we need to head from the main spawn out the side which has the ice cream parlour on the right. Simply go around the back of the sop and where the back entrance door is, just to the left of it, you will see the blueprint lying on the little curb out the back.

Make your way over to a buildable workbench, there are 4 dotted throughout the map, and drop the blueprint onto it. There is actually a buildable table inside the back of the ice cream parlour back door. Simply go in the back door, turn left and there it is hey presto!

Now you can start collecting the parts that you need to build the Seismic Wave Generator.

Part 1 Location

The first part that you need to find is just behind the building where you got the blueprint. Look around for a coil near where you picked up the Seismic Wave Generator Blueprint, and pick it up to collect it. Now, return to the table and drop it in.

Part 2 Location

The second piece you need to find is an old rod. This item can be found on the red bench on the side of the ice cream parlour. It is silver and sits on the bench beside a newspaper which is hard not to miss. With the rod collected, drop it into the workbench and search for the last part.

Part 3 Location

The third and final piece that you need to complete construction of the Seismic Wave Generator is the capacitor unit. This item can be found in the playground area facing the ice cream parlour. Look for the line of blue port a loo's and it will be on the ground to the furthest port a loo to the right

Lets do some damage

Once you have all three parts, interact with the workbench to complete construction of the Seismic Wave Generator. You can use this weapon to blast zombies up into the air and kill them, it’s very useful for clearing out large groups of zombies.

It is also used in the Easter Egg Steps to raise a zombie arm out of the ground on the beach area so that you can pick it up. This is used to build the zombie body. best building it at the start of the play through as it is so easy to build might as well get it out of the way now.

Still unsure how to do it? Check out NGTZombies video below :

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