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Obtaining / Upgrading the MAD Wonder Weapon Attack of the Radioactive thing - Infinite Warfare

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Obtaining the kick ass MAD Wonder Weapon

In order to obtain this awesome weapon, you need to be a gambling person with a bit of luck on your side, as there is no other way to obtain it other than using the Mystery Wheel. You cannot build or upgrade this weapon anywhere else in the game so your only chance is with the Mystery Wheel. Keep on using the Mystery Wheel until you get lucky and obtain the MAD Wonder Weapon.

It may cost a small fortune to obtain, but the initial weapon is very powerful indeed and will safeguard you through quite a few of the lower rounds before it loses it punch and needs to be upgraded to see its full potential.

How to Upgrade the MAD Wonder Weapon as if it wasn't insanely powerful enough!

After obtaining the MAD Wonder Weapon, you must upgrade it. The upgrade is done in two steps and you will need some parts and equipment to upgrade it.

Step 1 – Get the Crowbar

Before you start with getting other parts required for the upgrade, you must get the crowbar melee weapon, which can open the fuse boxes for the step 2. You can obtain this crowbar at the Motel near the buildable table. Go to the Pool and head to the 4-5 steps in the corner. The steps will lead you into the Boiler Room where you will find the crowbar on the floor. Pic it up and you are ready for step 2.

Step 2 – Find All Buildable Parts

Now that you have obtained the crowbar, you must find three parts for MAD to upgrade it. These parts are located in three fuse boxes around the map. Once you get at a box, use your crowbar to open it up and you will get the part inside.

Fuse Box 1 – The first fuse box is located outside the restroom in the RV Park, which contains the Grip for the weapon.

Fuse Box 2 – The second fuse box is located behind the Gas Station/Diner, which contains the Plunger for the weapon.

Fuse Box 3
– The third fuse box is located outside the TV Station, which contains the Crank for the weapon.

After obtaining all three upgrade parts, your MAD will be upgraded automatically. You do not need to do anything else. You will also unlock the ‘MAD Proto’ Trophy. After upgrading MAD, you can refill its ammo from the acid eggs scattered around the map which means you now have unlimited ammo for your MAD.

Still unsure how to get it? Check out Code Name Pizza's YouTube Video Below:

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