Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Buried Secrets and Easter Eggs How To Videos - Call OF Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

Buried Secrets and Easter Eggs How To Videos - Call OF Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

Main Spawn Area:

Second Level Under Spawn Area:

Tunnels - Second Level Continued - Has cyrstal part and Orb:

Using Leeroy the Giant to Destroy Barriers or Kill Zombies with Booze and Candy also showing what the TIME BOMB weapon can do:

Courthouse Building Layout:

General Store building layout:

Casino building layout:

Sheriffs Building and Adjoining Building Map Layout:

Bank building layout:

Candy Store Layout:

Gunsmith Store Layout:

Barn Building Layout:

Church Building Layout:

Ghost House Building Layout:

Garden Bagoda Layout and Pack-A-Punch:

Overall Street Layout of Buried:

Buried all easter eggs and secrets including Nav Card Table build location, Charging or destroying the orbs, fountain teleporter and the lantern:

Hi Guys,

here is a collection of videos people have created on youtube showing off some of the secrets that they have found in the entire Buried zombie map. I referenced their videos instead of recording my own as they already exist and it would be a waste of time re-recording things that have already been done.

First up is destroying the 2 fountains that create a portal to teleport you back to just underneath where you spawn so you can fix the giant machine on the surface. Here is the video for this:

Next is getting the lantern which is part of the easter egg in Buried which floats above the cemetary. You need to cook a grenade and throw it at it an make it explode in mid air to bring it down. Click the link below to see how this is done and what happens when you do it right:
Here is how to break the code that appears on the top of the Gunsmiths roof with a Cypher, after you get the lantern that hovers above the cemetary. The video shows you how to break the coed check it out:
This is how you destroy the Orbs in Buried either by using the Sub Surface Resonator or using the Paralyzer gun. Check it out below the video link to see how this is done:
The video below shows us where to build the NAV CARD machine which is just under the main spawn area beside the machine at the very start of the game. Check out how to do this here:
Thanks for reading and watchign guys.


  1. Thanks for all your time and info henry

  2. No problem probably have missed the odd but here and there but at least the majority of it is present :) I am working on the Origins map layout as we speak and have 3 sections laid out at present and posted online if you have purchased it. thanks.

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