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Exo Zombies Infection Easter Egg Guide and Walkthrough Part 3 - COD ZOMBIFIED

Hidden Song: Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Infection Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 --- Part 2
--- Part 3

Map Areas: Hoard More --- Value Voltage / Gas Station --- Atlas Command Centre --- Sewers Upper Level --- Sewers Lower Level --- Burger Town

Hi guys,

here is the 3rd and last part in the INFECTION Easter Egg to help you get the "Meat Is Murder" Achievement for Exo Zombies. It is worth it in the end as it gives you that feel good Friday factor no matter what day of the week you complete it on which is always a bonus....specially on a Monday cause its worst day of the week :).

Step 10

Once you replace Bubby's battery and he gives you a key, which will allow you to climb the ladder that leads up to the top of the giant burger at the top of Burger Town. The key opens the hatch to let you inside. Once inside, you will see another picture of Bubby, like the one in the Atlas Command centre, which you need to click your use button on. Doing so will make it turn RED and it will say access denied:

This is all good in the hood and should happen so don't freak out when it does wondering what you done wrong or forgot to do....alls well....ends well :).


Now exit the burger and make your way down to the sewers where you are going to summon the insta-gator in order to retrieve a special zombie arm it must have eaten for dinner earlier in the day. Zombie arms are a delicacy for alligators :). When in the sewer, activate the alligator trap. The alligator as usual jumps up and gobbles up zombies walking through the water. When it does, time it well so that you can shoot the alligator when it appears. When you do, it will explode and leave behind an arm which you run over and collect. 

Sometimes it doesn't work like this and first you need to flush the toilet in the back of burgertown with the green ring on it upstairs, before activating this arm to appear. Once you see the arm appear, run over and grab it to pick it up.

We are then going to use this at the very start where we found the FINGERPRINT SCANNER in the Hoard More area upstairs. This hand will be used to open a small compartment in the wall.

STEP  12

When you scan the arm into the fingerprint scanner, the safe next to it will open and reveal a RED tablet. You need to take this to the giant burger at Burger Town and go inside, go back up to the picture of Bubby and press it on him. It will turn BLUE and kick you out of the burger. Explosions will start to happen and come out of the burger. 

You will also see burger bombs start to appear around the map that you can pick up and throw at zombies. These burgers pack a hell of a whollop and I don't just mean in their cholesterol content :).

A count down will also start which signals that a rocket is going to be launched out of the burger, you can see it throughout the game sticking out of the top of the burger and when you get inside it. It shoots off, then you need to go back inside the burger.


Go back into the burger and where the picture of Bubby is, you will see a new BLUE tablet. Simply take it to Bubby and give him it and HEY PRESTO!!!! you have completed the Easter Egg easy peasy lemon squeezy....sort of :). When you give Bubby the BLUE tablet he will either do 1 of 2 things. 

1. He explodes and gives you various free powerups.

2. Kinda like Leeroy in "BURIED" he will go nuts and come alive, running around kicking zombies asses for you :).

And your done! WELL DONE..... just like I like my Zombie Burger when I go to Burger Town every Saturday :).

Thanks for Reading Guys


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