Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Carrier Exo Zombies Secret Song - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC

Hidden Song Easter Egg: Gustav Holst - The Planets - Mars, The Bringer Of War

Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Carrier Areas: Gun Deck --- Armoury --- Bio Lab --- Hangar --- Lift --- Moon Pool --- Cargo

Hi guys,

well as you know every zombies map has a hidden song within it lurking about somewhere. It either consisted of activating teddy bears, finding whiskey bottles or some other strange objects to play a song, surely activating a CD player should do the same thing and play music, but everything in the zombies universe is turned totally on its head :0. Nothing is what it seems anymore.

In Carrier Exo Zombies, we need to find 3 tiny sharks that are lying around the place to activate in order to get the secret song, which is "Gustav Holst - Mars", to play for us.

Lets get straight to it and tell you where these little beauties are hiding in order to get some calming, tense yet epic soundtrack playing through those speakers of your TV!


Is on top of the elevator that is outside the cargo hold and just above where the sharks are kept in the tanks and being experimented on. I always wondered when first playing the level why you were allowed to go on top of here and thought you must activate the lift at some point but I didn't tell anyone as apparently I would have looked like an idiot as its nothing to do with the Easter Egg.

Jump up on top of these shark containers and go over to the far right and you will see it in the corner of the lift. Simply hold X to activate it and you will hear a sound when you do.


This is located in the hangar area where the locker room is, right above the dearly beloved Captain DJ's locker is located. The large shark in the moon pool ate this guy remember.....or at least one of his eyeballs so if he is walking around he may not see to well and bump into things now if hes turned into a zombie. Simply do the same again hold X to activate it and it will play a slightly longer tune to indicate you have activated it successfully.

Shark 3

The 3rd shark is actually in the hangar and you need the Exo Suit to double jump up above where the power switch is get into the area that takes you to the other side of the wall you can see through below over to the GUN DECK area. The shark is in one of the dark corners of that corridor and can be easily missed. Once you find this shark and click it the music shall commence, but feel free to activate them in any order you please :) whatever is easiest for you guys, do it!

Thanks for reading guys and if you cannot or do not wanna do this Easter Egg, simply check the tune out below right here in this video:

If you are unsure how to do the above steps for any reason or I have bored you to death, here is the video which you can follow to activate the song:

Thank you.


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