Thursday, 4 June 2015

Armory Map Layout - Carrier Exo Zombies Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC

Hidden Song Easter Egg: Gustav Holst - The Planets - Mars, The Bringer Of War

Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Carrier Areas: Gun Deck --- Armoury --- Bio Lab --- Hangar --- Lift --- Moon Pool --- Cargo

Hi guys,

Here is the map layout that has been created for the Armoury area, including the lower and upper floor layout, for the Exo Zombies Map Carrier in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. 

It has an interesting room in it that looks to me as if it is something to do with the Easter Egg for the map. The upper level has a small room you go across a small walkway to from the Upper Gun deck of the stairs that come from the Hangar area. It says it is "Torpedo Storage" and is sealed with a quarantine label across its plastic. Could this be where they are keeping Oz's body? Is his body hooked up into the electronic and computer systems within the carrier as some kind of experiment to download his memories for Atlas to observe what he has been up to but has gone horribly wrong for them?

That could be why the strike teams appear on the ship with bombs to try and blow it up. Oz has maybe gained control of Atlas' carrier and vital system which they did not anticipate when they were bringing him in. There is also a new GRENADE DISPOSAL gadget on the wall which has a small hole that gets bigger and small while moving left to right on the wall in the lower section of the armoury. Getting rid of a few grenades at the end of each round you have not used will earn you some reward in the forms of credits and sometimes power ups depending on where it lands in the machine.

Here is the map layout for the lower and upper floors of the Armoury area:

There is also a new weapon on the wall which is the teleport grenades that allow you to throw them, and based on where they land, will teleport you to that location.  Great for throwing over the tops of zombie hordes that have you cornered and are about to have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Where you throw the initial grenade will make an EMP style blast shockwave ring out and will kill zombies in the surrounding area for you before you reappear.

Thanks for reading and the support as always guys.


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