Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hangar Area Map Layout - Carrier Exo Zombies Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC

Hidden Song Easter Egg: Gustav Holst - The Planets - Mars, The Bringer Of War

Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Carrier Areas: Gun Deck --- Armoury --- Bio Lab --- Hangar --- Lift --- Moon Pool

Hi guys,

here is the Hangar area of the Carrier map in Exo Zombies for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC. This area houses part of the Easter Egg that is Captain DJ's locker which needs his eyeball to use on the lockers retina scanner to open it and reveal 1 of the 4 tablets that you need to collect and complete the Easter Egg with. 


There is also two of the tiny mini sharks in this area that you need if you want to play the Easter Egg Song which is "Gustav Holst - The Planets: Mars", but of course its totally up to you, if you have seen Family Guy and watched Peter Griffin beat up the giant chicken, you will have already heard it many times. People always say "never heard of it" when you tell them what the tune is but when they hear it they are like ahhhh right why didn't you say so course I know that one! :) Its been used in many films and TV series etc that you wouldn't believe it. The last shark is in the lift area on top of the lift.

There is also a corridor up top of the Power Switch which you can access once you get the Exo Suit and creates a shortcut round to the GUN DECK area which you can drop into. A lot of the time a treasure drone can be trapped in between areas that you haven't opened so when you go to open the MOON POOL door here, you may see a treasure drone straight behind it, if ya do, leg it after it and kick its robotic ass to see what goodies it has inside :).

Thanks for reading guys as always and enjoy


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