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Canal District High Street Map Layout for Shadows Of Evil - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is the Canal District's High Street map layout for Shadows Of Evil in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. In this High Street area you will not be run off your feet shopping but you will be running with your feet like the clappers ass there will be a giant mass of undead zombies looking for their next snack. Window shopping in this instance is out the window and survival takes over in this area as it is very tight nit and close quarters in areas.

Here is the map layout for the Canal High Street Area:

This area has a few little perks of going up high on the walk ways as it contains a few neat little shortcuts to drop down to areas below and opens the mechanical gate that is beside the junction area as soon as you enter the Canal District Area. It also has a FUSE in different spawn locations up here along with zombie shield parts. There are 3 FUSES in this map in each of the 3 district and they are used to activate the CIVIL PROTECTOR to help you kick some serious zombie ass! Usually its used more when completing the Easter Egg on this level as it gets a little bat outta hell crazy later on as you will find out I am sure!

The long and tight areas makes it much easier access to all areas within this section as well as a nice way to funnel or channel zombies in a straight line to cut down with a decent machine gun, making every bullet count and get you what you deserve....well earned credits. I hate seeing good ammunition going to waste when people hip fire at close range and only about half the bullets actually hit the target....makes me think they should have gone to Spec Savers sometimes.

There is also a perk machine in this area in one of the rooms along the High Street and needs to be switched on by using the BEAST mode, which conveniently enough, has the fountain just in the room opposite for you. Just watch out as a lot of zombies seem to appear from every nook and cranny so as always....WATCH YOUR BACK OR YOUR A SNACK!

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