Monday, 7 December 2015

Ruby Rabbit Map Layout Shadows Of Evil - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

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Hi guys,

here is the map layout for the infamous Ruby Rabbit in Shadows Of Evil for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. Yes its a burlesque house with lots of beautiful women and lots of booze where you can waste a few thousand dollars in the blink of an eye and have nothing to show for it the next day but your ass turfed out on the street.....but in this town, it means so much more. There are no lovely ladies left as they have turned into flesh eating zombies who would rather rip your arm off and eat your brains with a spoon than take money from you in return for a peck on the cheek!

This area is the cops area and houses his detective badge in the lower part of the canal. Once you get the badge, you need to cross over and open the canal section where the train station part is. Then turn into the BEAST and grapple up on top of the Ruby Rabbit and run down the stairs to shock the power generator that opens the door. This is a very tricky area / room in the higher rounds as the rooms are very small and at best allow you the slimmest of chances to get past a zombie without being hit so if you can get past tons of them here without being hit, I want you to do my lottery numbers for me next week!

Anyway without further ado, here is the map layout for the RUBY RABBIT's 3 floors:

You can jump back down into the street from where the grapple points are but just watch out as it can go wrong when a huge zombie posse has gathered below and you decide to crowd dive straight into them. Hence, look before you leap :) Always wanted to use that in a sentence wisely and I think I just did score one to me!

There is also one of the Small radios which is part of a MUSICAL EASTER EGG on the ground floor so be sure to activate that to help go toward activating an amazing song.

Thanks for reading as always guys and happy playing, I am almost finished this map just a few more secrets to go over, the Canal High Street, The Rift area and the main Footlight District area to do and that should be it. Doing one post per night to keep the content coming as I hate it when I have totally covered the map as it makes me crave the next one :)




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