Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Rift Area Map Layout for Shadows Of Evil - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Shadows Of Evil Map Layouts for: Easy Street Area -- Junction Area -- Nero's Landing -- Footlight District -- Footlight District Main Street -- Footlight District High Street  -- Waterfront Area Part 1 -- Waterfront Area Part 2 -- Waterfront High Street -- Anvil Boxing Ring -- Canal District Part 1 -- Canal District Part 2 (High Street) -- Ruby Rabbit -- Rift Area --

Easter Eggs: Apothicon Sword Guide (Weapon) -- Musical Easter Egg -- Free Mega GobbleGum -- SHADOWMAN Round Skip & Tons of CASH! -- Upgraded Lil' Arnies --
Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hi guys,

here is the RIFT AREA map layout for Shadows Of Evil in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies. This area houses the new perk Black Widows Wine along with the popular favourite MULE KICK which packs a hell of a punch allowing you to carry 3 primary weapons....making you feel like Rambo with every gun under the sun.

Here is the map layout for the RIFT area including its upstairs and downstairs sections:

It also houses part of the Easter Egg where the Shadowman is behind a hidden wall room in this area and to get to him you need to follow the EASTER EGG GUIDE I have created for this map. The Apothicon Sword Location and Eggs are also in this section and can be opened in BEAST mode when you have obtained the 3 random symbols for this play through that change every time and can be seen from the TRAIN when travelling to different districts.

The 3 Fuses that you collect through the map can be inserted into the CIVIL PROTECTOR on the wall to bring it back online. When the 3 fuses are put back into, it becomes active around the map from the terminals you see on the walls scattered around the place.

There is also a shortcut that can be opened from the RIFT to take you back to the JUNCTION area of the map, which links all of the districts and areas together, acting as a sort of connection hub for all areas in this level.

The first time you enter the RIFT you will be attacked by several of the GATEKEEPERS as you have GATE CRASHED......their party so to speak. Pun was intended :)

I hope your still enjoying this level and getting further and further each time and if you have completed it....I hope your still trying to better the highest round you can survive to.

I just have to complete the map for the FOOTLIGHT HIGH STREET and this map will be complete, I will do this tomorrow.



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