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Turning on the Power in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies - Infinite Warfare

Tips: -- Turning on the Power -- 

Secrets:  -- Elemental Chi Upgrades -- Hidden Song -- Pack A Punch -- Double Pack A Punching -- Skull Buster Easter Egg -- Nunchucks --

Easter Egg: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hi guys,

here is how to turn the power on in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle zombies....that's one heck of a mouthful to say when eating a sandwich....which I am doing as I type this. It is very similar to Zombies in Spaceland as there are 4 power switches in total, rather than the beloved one switch that graced our presence briefly in Rave in the Redwoods.

Its very easy to turn the power on so I will not dribble over my sandwich and get right to it and get you "on the grid" so to speak.

Power Switch Location 1 - Spawn Room

This switch is located just in front of the train carriage on a pillar inside the main spawn room. This rooms contains the perk machine "Up N Atoms" which cost $500.Check out the photos above, once you locate it, flip and move swiftly onto the next one.

If you stay in this area too long, you won't live long enough to pay your next electric bill as the rounds progress in here, trust me. Zombies hate utility bills just as much as you do.

Power Switch Location 2 - Your eye is drop dead gorgeous!

The next location is near the new perk in this map called "Deadeye Dew Drops".

Deadeye Dewdrops replaces Slappy Taffy from the previous maps. Like Deadshot Daiquiri, it allows the player to auto-aim directly onto a zombie's head. Unlike Deadshot Daiquiri however, the perk gives another ability which allows the player's weapon to deal higher damage the longer the player aims down their sights.

To get to this room, make your way up to the rooftops, watch your first, head towards the back of the map and you will find it right by the Deadeye Dew Drops perk machine, next to the stairs that ascend to the next level. Flip it and be on your merry way.

Power Switch Location 3 - I'm a wallpaper  stripper....not that kinda stripper!

This is located in the second underground section you can access down in the subway, near the strip joint area, just to the left of the Bang Bangs Perk machine on the train platform below. It is on the wall to the left of this machine literally an arms length away on the opposite platform. Hop on over and flick the switch to restore power to this area and get the Bang Bangs machine back in business.

The Bang Bangs perk increases fire rate and considers a single bullet shot to count as two in terms of damage, effectively increasing ammo usage economically. It is similar to Double Tap 2.0.

Power Switch Location 4 -

This last one is simply located on the rooftop area by the Quickies perk machine. Quickies increases the player's reload speed, weapon switching, and doubles the speed at which the player boards up windows around the park.

To get to the rooftop you need to open up the disco and keeping heading.....up...I guess which is the most logical way I can think of getting to the roof :). Keep heading up the stairs until you hit the roof and you will eventually see up top on the wall another power switch which you flick to get free electricity for the rest of your short days alive in this zombie ridden hell!

Also there's a giant power symbol on a door beside the switch....just in case you forgot your glasses.

Still not sure how to turn the power on? No worries, follow MrDalekJD's YouTube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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