Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Citadel Tunnels Area Map Layout from Outside Wardens Office to Showers and to docks - Mob Of The Dead Black Ops 2

Secrets on this map: -- FEEDING THE HELLHOUNDS GIVES YOU HELLS RETRIEVER TOMAHAWK - SECRET FOUND AND REVEALED HERE -- "Rusty Cage"  - Hidden Song By Johnny Cash -- Sniper Trap Upgrade -- Hidden Blundergat and Spoon Melee Weapon

Map Layouts: -- Shower Room -- Ground Floor -- Michigan area ground floor -- Michigan Area 2nd floor layout -- Cafeteria Area -- Citadel Tunnels layout from Wardens Office to shower room -- 
Infirmary layout and access to Gondola -- Roof Layout -- Docks Area

Hi Guys,

Here is the map layout from the Michigan Area entrance to the citadel tunnels (just outside the wardens office) down to the shower room. This room has double tap in it and a shotgun that can be purchased and access to the lower levels of the citadel tunnels, whose layout will also follow.

This place is a bit tight when the zombies flood in and if your on a level when the huge zombie comes in with the riot gear on and you haven't got a good weapon, it can turn into a bit of a nightmare :).

Here is the map layout for this smallish section:

Here is part 2 which has the plane part in the elevator and you need to use afterlife to activate see video below if not sure how to do this, you will need the wardens key first to open the electric box for access in human form first:
Layout for the tunnels part 2:

Video for how to set the code in afterlife mode:

Layout for part 3 which leads to docks:

Thanks for reading guys.


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