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Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough Part 4 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

Secrets: Wrath of the Ancients Guide (Bow & Arrow) -- Fire Bow Upgrade -- Wolf Bow Upgrade -- Skullcrusher Wind Bow Upgrade -- Storm Bow Upgrade -- Teddy Bears Song -- Second Gondola -- RAGNAROK DG-4 Spikes -- Rocket Shield -- 5 Mini Secrets --

Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Step 10 - Best of Round 3

When you inflict enough damage onto the gate keeper boss, he will disappear the first time and it will spawn a series pf Panzat Soldats which must be killed in order to proceed on with killing the main boss. If anyone who has used their RAGNOROK gravity spikes on the blue orb or on the dogs and skeleton zombies that have appeared, killing a panzer soldat will significantly increase their gravity spike charge.

Halfway through the round of panzer soldats, another max ammo will spawn to help you kick their ass. Once you have killed all the panzer soldats, the dreaded gate keeper will return and unleash some more hell onto the players. This round is the same as the others in how to inflict damage onto him, watch for the blue orb in the centre of the inner ring, when you see it, gravity spike slam into it to make him spawn above so you can shoot the upgraded arrows into his chest to damage him.

This time around however there will be skeletons and dogs spawning at the same time so watch out. When a certain amount of damage is inflicted again on the gate keeper, he will disappear and spawn another max ammo. This max ammo is needed as it will spawn another wave of Panzer Soldats. As before, you will get a max ammo halfway through the round and at the end.

One more round of repeating the ways of damaging the gatekeeper takes place but the amount of hellhounds and skeleton zombies that spawn is crazy this time around. After inflicting some more damage on the gatekeeper he will finally be destroyed WOO HOO!

You will then be teleported back to the UNDERCROFT area and you will hear a Dr Groth narrative. When finished, you will noticed that the SUMMONING KEY can now be picked up in the front of the MPD. One character needs to pick it up and then head over to the BELL TOWER computer.

Whoever has the SUMMONING KEY press the use button on the computer  bell tower and it will trigger the ending cut scene as well as the achievement of:

My brothers keeper

The game will then continue on where you will also be given every perk within the game for a limited amount of time.

If your unsure how to do this Easter Egg, check out MrDalekJD's video on Youtube:

Thanks for reading as always guys and I hope you enjoyed this level. The maps will be following very shortly for each area.


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