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Living Quarters Map Layout in Der Eisendrache Zombies - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Hi guys,

here is the Living Quarters map layout for Der Eisedrache zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This area is a tight squeeze and floods with zombies quickly when you least expect it. Samantha's room is also in this area when you come in from the Lower Court Yard area, its the room on the left.

The room looks like any other little girls room at the time even if she does scare the crap out of you in reality with her freaky voice and weird obsession of playing zombies all the time and trying to kill you....maybe the store ran out of Barbie dolls? Does she hold a vengeance against the store owner? Who knows? The girl freaks me out.....anyway lets see what is in the Living Quarters area of Der Eisendrache and see what we're up against.

The Map Layout For Living Quarters Area:

This area has a 5 key points, related to:
  • 1 Painting Location related to the WOLF BOW upgrade quest
  • 1 Gatekeeper skull location related to the WIND BOW upgrade quest
  • 1 Fireplace related to the FIRE BOW upgrade quest
  • Door at the end of the area leads onto another corridor housing suits of armour and access to the POWER SWITCH ROOM
  • 1 Teddy Bear Musical Easter Egg Location

Reading the Bow guides you will find that the painting in this area is 1 of 4 scattered throughout the map that needs to be activated in a certain order for one of the steps for the Wolf bow upgrade.


The fireplace we know is used to be lit with 1 of 3 arrows when the piece of magma rock appears after you kill a zombie while standing in the highlighted fire circle in the fire bow guide.

The gatekeeper skull is 1 of 6 skulls scattered throughout the map and is related to the Wind bow upgrade. You simply need to find all six and activate them, once all activated, simply head back to the trophy room to see them all floating by the urn you will have previously uncovered. Then you will free the spirit from within the urn by getting crawlers into the glowing purple circle and letting the floating skulls cave their heads in as a sacrifice to the spirit.

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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