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Trophy Room Map Layout in Der Eisendrache Zombies - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Hi Guys,

here is the map layout for the very small section of Der Eisendrache called the Trophy Room. Although it is basically a small mine shaft that leads to a very small trophy room, it plays one heck of a significance in this map due to its many links to most of the Wrath Of the Ancients bow upgrades within this level.

First lets see the map layout for the TROPHY ROOM to give us an idea what we are looking at:


The mineshaft area can be accessed straight from the main spawn area. The door at the bottom of this map is adjacent the Quick Revive Perk machine and costs 750 to open. From there it is a bit of a tight squeeze in here with a very narrow corridor accompanied with lots of zombie spawn points from top to bottom. This area also links to the UPPER COURTYARD area through the opening of a Divinium door at the end in the actual Trophy Room.


Here is a summary of what can be found in the TROPHY ROOM:

  • 2 Wall purchasable weapons - KRM-262 and the L-CAR 9
  • Mule Kick Perk Machine
  • 1 Gatekeeper Skull - Relates to Wind Bow Upgrade
  • 1 Gatekeeper Stone Slab Location - Relates to Main Easter Egg Guide
  • 1 Painting - Relates to Wolf Bow Upgrade
  • Gobblegum Machine
  • 1 Divinium Door that leads to the UPPER COURTYARD

The actual Trophy Room being used in the Wind Bow Upgrade Quest:

The below picture is the view from the hole in the wall beside the Mule Kick Perk Machine which is part of the STORM BOW upgrade quest. This step requires two firestacks on the outer wall of the castle to be set alight with the normal Wrath of the Ancients bow. Later you will return to here to charge up electrified arrows to electrify the fire. Check out the STORM BOW guide to see how this is done.

Thanks for reading as always guys.



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