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Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough Part 1 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

Secrets: Wrath of the Ancients Guide (Bow & Arrow) -- Fire Bow Upgrade -- Wolf Bow Upgrade -- Skullcrusher Wind Bow Upgrade -- Storm Bow Upgrade -- Teddy Bears Song -- Second Gondola -- RAGNAROK DG-4 Spikes -- Rocket Shield -- 5 Mini Secrets --

Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Hi guys,

this Easter Egg guide walks you through every single part of the level that needs to be done in order to gain the coveted Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 "My brothers keeper" achievement. It can be completed in solo mode if you have no one else to play it with, or with 2, 3 or 4 players.....I can count to 5 but I will not show off here :)

First up before starting the Easter Egg, you must make sure you have:
  • All of the 4 Bows within this level upgraded first before you begin. (Bow Guide)
  • Built the Ragnarok  DG4 Gravity Spikes (Gravity Spikes Guide)

Step 1 - Teleporter Pod Activation

Get yourself a normal bow and head down to the teleporter room in the underground section of the castle. When here, you will need to shoot each of the CIRCULAR PODS located above the teleporter.

When you shoot them, they will start to glow orange and you will hear a freaky and somewhat strange gurgling noise indicating that you have successfully completed shooting the PODS and initiated the Easter Egg. You will start to notice that some objects in the game will become electrified after this stage. There will be in total 4 of these objects that will be electrified in a single play through that randomly change everytime you play the level.

1 Object is electrified at a time and you only have a certain time to locate the electrified object and shoot it before it randomly electrifies another item that you must hunt down and shoot. with an UPGRADED BOW.

The list of objects that are electrified and their locations are:
  • Clock or Radio in the CHURCH
  • Phone in the POWER ROOM
  • Car Tyre next to the DOUBLE TAP PERK MACHINE
  • Box in the BUILDABLE ROOM above double tap
  • A globe in SAMANTHA's ROOM
  • A phone in the main spawn room next to the QUICK REVIVE
  • Clock in the room next to the BELL TOWER

I am no fortune teller, the pattern and sequence of which items are becoming electrified each play through are totally random and not even a psychic could tell you which one is coming next. If you cannot find all 4 items to shoot within a certain time, another strange noise will play, indicating that the challenge has failed. You can also fail the challenge if you shoot your bow near an object that can be electrified, but is not actually part of the sequence and is not glowing indicating it is to be shot, you will also fail big time.....epically.

Don't worry if you fail, everyone does at sometime in life, but you can try again on the next round to repeat this step and succeed. When you have successfully completed this step, you will hear a strange noise again and if you make your way back to the teleporter area, it will now have a purple glow around it.

Step 2 - Back to the future....time travel

Once step 1 is completed, every player in the game needs to stand on the teleporter and activate it using the action button. You will be whisked back in time to the lab area of the castle only years in the past.  A cut scene will play here and give you some story knowledge about Dr Groth, but another reason to be in here is to do 3 important things:
  • Grab the large BLUE VILE
  • Grab the fuses
  • Shoulder surf and memorise the code Dr Groth puts on his safe - this is in the form of 3 symbols on the right hand front panel of the safe....you will need these later. These symbols change every play through of this map.

When its time to leave, you will be at the ROCKET PAD area. Make your way through to the main launch pad area of the rocket and you will be confronted with a Panzer Soldat. The left over zombies you had in the round before you teleported will also fill the area so beware and watch your back. Kick their asses and then take the WONDER SPHERE back to the main spawn area, and head over to the DEATH RAY TRAP.

Step 3 - Death Ray Trap


When you have made it back to the death ray trap area, along the side of the death ray is a small square that will allow you to insert the fuses that you had taken from Dr Groths laboratory in the past. Insert the fuse here and you will see a blue glow of electricity surging through it. This will then change the needle on the actual DEATH RAY TRAP from DESTROY to PROTECT. Simply press the USE BUTTON to change this and it will activate a lever which moves it over.


Once you have done this, run over to where the Wonderfizz machine is located near the BELL TOWER and you will notice that the computer terminal with the 4 screens will now become active. Each screen will have a symbol displayed on it. Each of these 4 symbols will be the ones that are related to the ones you saw on Dr Groth's safe. You need to input the symbols you saw Dr Groth input from top to bottom in these screens, interacting with them to change the symbol on each screen to the correct one in sequence. The screens go left to right which symbolise the safes top to bottom input.


If you accidentally mess up this part, you will need to repeat steps 1 and 2 again, in a new round. However when you go back in time again, Dr Groth will have input a different code into the safe which again you must memorise and try and put into the machine correctly this time so be careful.

When you input the correct code into the computer, it will open the safe in the teleporter room and will allow one player to pickup two cylindrical objects and the group 935 card from the safe to take with them. Character narration will begin stating that you will need to bring the rocket that Dempsey is on, back down to the earth, along with Dr Groth speaking over the castle tannoy system about Richtofen.

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If your unsure how to do this Easter Egg, check out MrDalekJD's video on Youtube:



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