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SKULLCRUSHER WIND BOW UPGRADE in Der Eisendrache - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

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Hi guys,

here I will be telling you how to acquire the upgraded WIND BOW in Der Eisendrache zombies for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. As with all the upgraded bow guides, you will need to have obtained the original Wrath Of The Ancients Bow and Arrow first before trying the steps to upgrade them.

Once you have the Wrath of the Ancients bow, lets move onto the first step....

Step 1 - That's some dodgy plaster work on that ceiling



In order to activate the UPGRADE QUEST for this particular type of bow, you need to locate the symbol that is on the ceiling just outside the main gate of the castle, which is in the room directly opposite the DOUBLE TAP perk machine. That may seem a bit of a mouthful.....but is a doddle to find. Simply lookup  when at the castle gate you normally pay 1000 credits to open beside Double Tap and you will see a symbol on the ceiling. Simply shoot the ceiling and a purple arrow will fall down that you can then pick up and activate this bows upgrade quest.

Remember that if you pick up another bows arrow to begin a new quest, it will cancel the one out that you are currently working on.

Step 2 - First there was there's Mineshaft

Once the Purple arrow has been picked up, head back down to the main spawn area and head up the stirs and left, heading towards mule kick. You will enter the mine shaft and pass the Mule Kick perk machine on your left and come to a small room which will have a strange purple patch glowing on the floor.

What you need to do here is melee kill a zombie while he or she is standing on the patch on the floor with the PURPLE ARROW you have picked up. You will notice that at this point it will have replaced your normal knife melee with the arrow. As soon as you kill a zombie inside this square, it will make the tile underneath them explode and reveal a very nice, expensive looking, URN. Simply hold the USE BUTTON on this urn and it will cause it to float in mid air just slightly above you.

Step 3 - Don't Lose Your Head

Next what we need to do is find the locations of 6 keeper heads that are placed throughout the Der Eisendrache castle. The location of all 6 of these heads are:

  • In a broken piece of wall to the left of the Mule Kick Perk Machine / Mine Shaft Area
  • In Samantha's room, inside her toy play with weird stuff these days
  • To the right of the Double Tap Perk Machine in a piece of broken wall
  • Upstairs of the church on the outside of a window leading into the upper floor of the room with the computers
  • In a sink facing the teleporter in the underground section
  • In the back of a military truck at the rocket test site

Once you have collected all of these heads, move onto the next step.

Step 4 - 6 Heads and counting

When you collect your final keeper head, go back to the small room at the end of the mine shaft where the URN was floating in mid air. You will now notice that all 6 heads are floating around the URN in a circle. When you get here a mystical voice will tell you that you need to "Sacrifice the Broken" in this area.

What this means is that you need to lead broken zombies in here so they can be killed and their souls absorbed by this urn. What it means by "BROKEN" zombies is crawlers. So in a round use grenades, explosives or the ray gun to cut zombies down to half their size and then lead them into this room. When they come into this room, they will become stuck in the purple circles you can see hovering under the skulls and the skulls will actually bash their brains in for you.....great home security system if an unwanted guest breaks into your castle.

This will make a sacrifice that the eerily creepy voice is looking for. Once you have gathered enough souls, the trapped soul within this circle will mutter 3 words.....these 3 words are not "I love you" so don't worry he won't ask you to marry him, however whatever these 3 words may be, you need to write them down. This is because the entire game he will only say them ONCE and never again. If you didn't catch them then the steps of matching symbols together with words will be totally trial and error and could take ages to achieve.

Some of the words he may say could be:

  • Crown
  • Heart
  • Griffin
  • Door
  • Horn

These will be said in a specific order and you will need to remember this order sequence.

Step 5 - The symbol formerly known as Prince?

Keep playing the game as normal and kill more zombies after the trapped spirit has spoken his 3 words. You will notice that from time to time, the zombies that you kill will start to drop weird PURPLE APOTHICON symbols, 6 in total. Simply walk over them and pick them up. Once you have all 6 collected, return to the room which has the URN floating with the keeper heads around it.

There will now be symbols located underneath each of the keepers heads.

Now what we need to do is take a dander down to the church room which has all the computers inside and head up to the room just before the POWER SWITCH which has all the knights in the hallways. This is the Trophy Room and is where we will activate these knights in a specific order in relation to the words that the trapped spirit spoke to us earlier.

The Knights in this area will have symbols underneath them and if you wrote down the words that the trapped spirit uttered, this part will be very easy. In the order he spoke them in, find the symbol that corresponds to that word.

For instance if he said DOOR, look for the knight with the symbol of the DOOR underneath it, if it said GRIFFIN....then you look for the knight with the symbol of the GRIFFIN beneath it. Simply do them in the order that he spoke the words and hold the USE BUTTON on each to activate the knight.

When you activate the knight, a small purple symbol will appear on the knights when they have been successfully activated. Each of these symbols corresponds to that particular word. Take note of the symbol, draw it on a piece of paper, as you will need it later back at the room the URN is floating in.

Step 6 - Codebreaker

Once all 3 knights have been activated and their symbols noted, head back to the room the URN is located in. When you need to do now with the Wrath of the Ancients bow is shoot each of the symbols underneath the floating skulls in the order they correlated to the spoken words the trapped soul spoke out.


When you input these symbols correctly and in the correct order, the trapped spirit will say "That is my name". If you get it wrong he may be insulted and will say "That is not my name". This will then cause the skull heads to scatter randomly to the circles again and you will need to try the correct code again, stay away from the skull when they do this as they will down you instantly.....that will teach you get his name wrong next time around.

The words are totally random and change through each play through of Der Eisendrache zombies. When you get his name right he will release a burst of purple energy and all of the skulls will vanish and after a few moments, the purple arrow will be visible for you to pick up ready to be forged in the undercroft. Pick up the arrow and head down to where the MPD is and locate the Gatekeeper Shrine that relates to this arrow and place it down.

As with all the other arrows, simply kill zombies near the arrow to collect zombies souls into the arrow. Once no more souls can be collected, equip the Wrath of the Ancient Bow and place it on the shrine where the purple arrow is now located. After a bit of magical intervention, pick up the bow again and you will have the newly upgraded WIND BOW that's called the SKULL CRUSHER.

This bow slows zombies down within its blast radius and also releases a barrage of gatekeeper skulls to shoot out from the beam of light it emits with each arrow shot. The skulls start to kill zombies for you which is always they say....Every little helps.

Still unsure how to do it? Check out MRDALEKJD's Youtube channel below for this bow upgrade:

Thanks for Reading as always guys



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