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Upgrading the Bow in Der Eisendrache zombies to the FIRE BOW - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3


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Hi guys,

here I will show you how to upgrade the Wrath of the Ancients bow and arrow in Der Eisendrache zombies to the FIRE BOW. Its an awesome upgrade that when the bow hits its target, it sets the main target, as well as any surrounding, on fire and burns them to a crisp....great if you like your steaks well done.

To do any of the upgrades of the bow, you will of course need the original bow. If you are unsure how to obtain this then please check out my Wrath of the Ancients Bow Guide first.

Step 1 - Initiating the bow challenge


Head over to the BELL TOWER and run the stairs to the top and shoot your bow at the wall with the large strange symbol on it. This will reveal a NEW QUEST LINE which is the quest for the fire bow. You need to pick up this object with the strange orange aura about it and this will activate the quest. Once this has been picked up, you cannot do any of the other quest lines for the other bows until this one is completed or you pick up another quest line object.

Step 2 - The rocket facility

Now you want to head over to the rocket facility. You can get here by taking the main teleporter in the game or you can launch yourself over from the castle using the launch pods. What you want to do here is hang around until the rocket test sequence is about to begin, Run inside the doors before they close otherwise you will be BBQ'd, and keep killing zombies until the rocket test is completed.

When it has been completed, you want to run outside again and look up to find a strange glowing object that you need to shoot with the bow and arrow. When you shoot it, this will create a huge ball of fire to float up above the castle. Talk about free central heating :).

Step 3 - Faded Ritual Circles

Now what happens is you will find a total of 3 faded ritual circles dotted around the map which can be seen when you use the launch pods to travel to different sections of the map. The location of these ritual circles are:

  • Next to the BELL TOWER
  • In front of the DEATH RAY
  • One in front of DOUBLE TAP

The RITUAL CIRCLES present a difficult challenge as what you need to do is use the Wondersphere pods to launch yourself into the air and shoot these circles while you are in mid air, which is one hell of a test of your hand and eye co-ordination with the bow. You will see once flying through the air and they are glowing ever so slightly, when you shoot an arrow directly into them, they will become permanently lit up.

Step 4 - The lights are on but nobody's home

When all 3 circles from STEP 3 have been lit up, we can proceed onto the next part. We need to run to each of the lit up circles and stand inside them. When inside each of the circles, you will hear some weird voices talking to your character. This lets you know your 100% definitely inside the circle. While inside these circles, you need to kill zombies and when you do, their souls will be collected and absorbed into the circle. You will know you have collected enough souls when the circle lets out and almighty burst of flames into the air and goes towards the large fireball that has been hovering in the sky from the launch pad step. Do this for all 3 fire circles and then head onto STEP 5.

Step 5 - Back to the beginning.....Relight my fire

Now head back to the BELL TOWER and run up the stairs again to where you shot the arrow at the wall to reveal the FIRE QUEST line. Go to the wall where the symbol was on where you will see some cogs and hold the use button on it. This will cause the cogs within to start to spin around inside and will eventually stop. When it does stop, around it will be a lit up Apothicon symbol. This symbol will relate to the fireplaces that are dotted around the map.


The locations of fireplaces within this map are:
  • 1 In the Church Area in the room with all the computer screens
  • 1 in the hut adjacent to the Dragons Head near the Double Tap Perk.
  • 1 in Eddies Room which is opposite Samantha's room

You need to find the fireplace which has the exact same symbol as the symbol shown to you in the BELL TOWER.

Once you have charged all the 3 circles of fire up and no more zombie souls are going into them and activated the bell tower cogs, have a look around the map and find out which one of the 3 circles is still lit up. Standing inside this circle and killing zombies will no longer charge with zombie souls, however what it will do is make whatever zombie you kill while being in the circle, drop a strange piece of LAVA ROCK. Now this rock will need to be transported to one of the 3 fireplaces within the map, the only problem is that you move the rock by having your bow equipped and standing directly on top of the lava rock, and shooting with an arrow where you want it to go.

Wherever your arrow lands, is where the rock will be...sounds easy right? WRONG!!! Sorry I love to shout :) You only have a total of 3 shots from when the rock drops to get it into whatever fireplace has the Apothicon symbol you were shown in the BELL TOWER.

By rule of thumb, whatever area the fire circle symbol has appeared in E.G. Beside Double Tap, then its the fire place in EDDIES ROOM for instance.
When you do get the rock in front of the correct fireplace, charge an arrow and fire it into the dead centre of the fireplace which will then spawn a MAX AMMO powerup. Also the fire will become lit with purple and pink flames.

After a few seconds of the fire igniting, hold the USE BUTTON on the fire and you will be able to actually pick it up.....without using oven gloves.  

Step 6 - Last but not least

Lastly we need to go to the DEATH RAY location, where the giant fireball that has been hovering above the map will be fairly close to the ground at this stage. You need to kill a zombie just underneath it and after a little bit of strange voices again you hold the use button on the fireball and it will form a crust, go up into the air and explode. Once it has exploded, it will drop an arrow that has been reforged into the FIRE ARROW.

Pickup this fire arrow and head down to the UNDERCROFT section to place the arrow onto the GATEKEEPER RITUAL area which has the symbol of the bow you are upgrading. In the undercoft beside the MPD, you will notice four boxes and each one of these is used for a specific arrow. When the arrow is on the RITUAL AREA, simply killing zombies near it will charge it up for you.....once no more zombie souls are being pulled toward it, go over and place your bow onto the ritual area as well. After a few moments you will see a large bolt of red energy shoot upward and the bow will reappear as the FIRE BOW. Pick it up and start frying some zombies with it.

If you are stuck then please check out MRDALEKJD's video guide for the fire bow below plus his updated video which left out a step previously:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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