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Ancient Evil Hidden Easter Egg Song Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies

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Secrets: Apollo''s Shield -- Secret Song --

Hi guys,

here is how to activate the awesome song "STORMBOUND"  in the Ancient Evil Zombies map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 game.

This will involve finding 4 coins around the map which you need to shoot , in no particular order, in order to activate some kick ass music within the game. So far my favourite song has been on Mob of the Dead and is the song by Johnny Cash called "Rusty Cage". 

However this song is also very good and its good to get some new fresh music from time to time than listening to the same song on repeat for about 500 times till you get bored.....well I know that's what I do.

Lets find out the locations of these coins so we can get some free music without needing an iTunes account woo hoo!

Coin Location 1

The first coin can be located in the MARKETPLACE area, just to the left of the WORKBENCH. To the left is a window which looks into a room turning the corner to the left. In it is a lit candle up on the wall and in the corner of the L shape is a blue glowing coin, beside the broken chest of drawers, near the floor.

Simply shoot the coin and you will hear a Kaching! noise letting you know you have hit it successfully. It will then disappear into the bank account of.....or wallet.....of the many gods in this map no doubt.

Coin Location 2

Next we need to cash our cheques out on the way down to the SPARTAN MONUMENT AREA where the Zeus Perk is located. This coin is visible by standing in front of the SPARTAN STATUS whose holding the spear and the shield.....almost pointing in the direction or giving you the hint that you need to look here.

You will see another coin just on the side of the pillar for this small balcony above it. Looking to the right of the blood that's running down over the broken wall means your slap bang in the right place to see it. Shoot it, bag it and tag it so we can move onto the next coins location.


Coin Location 3

The last 2 coin locations are located in the Pack A Punch area, so we will need to hitch a ride on the Pegasus to get there and start out search.

As soon as you get off the Pegasus and are in the RIVER OF SORROW area, head down the right hand side and after a metre or two on the right you will come to the first fire lantern which is lit. To the left of this lantern is a statue, the coin is glowing in the darkness just behind this statue on its left hand side. 

Shoot it and add it to your growing coin collection, then we can move onto the last and final coin.

Coin Location 4

This last coin location is a bit sneaky as it is hidden under a desk in the CLIFF RUINS area, in the room where you build the PEGASUS STRIKE. This is the one with a forge in the middle with blue flames coming out of it.

If looking directly into the flames, to your right hand side against the wall is a table. Get on your knees and look under the table, underneath you will see a coin stuck right under the table, as if by someone in high school had stuck chewing gum under your desk.

Shoot this coin and this will activate the secret Easter Egg song ta-dahhhh! Who says you don't get anything for free these days?

Still Unsure how to do it? Check out the video below by Watchful Wolf …..not Winston Wolf:

Thanks for reading as always.


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