Saturday, 9 March 2013

Floor Beneath Rooftop Map Layout - Die Rise Black Ops 2

Floor Beneath Rooftop Map Layout - Die Rise Black Ops 2

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Floor 1 layout building 1

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Electricity Room Layout building 2

Floor beneath electricity room layout building 2

Rooftop Layout for building 2

Floor beneath the rooftop for building 2

Trample Steam room layout

Hi guys,

This is the map layout for the level just beneath the roof. Its good to know the layout of this floor as its good to group zombies together if your low on ammo and channel them into a line to use a landmine on them to kill about 8 or 9 in one go to save ammo or if your outta ammo.

However as its a bit of a tight floor space wise there can be a lot of bottlenecks that can hold you up. Just be careful when running around like a headless chicken on this floor :). Here is the map layout for this floor:


Thanks for reading guys, any other secrets or tips and hints I find out I will post them up over the next few days.



  1. Thanks for this! Idon't have online privileges so my buddies and I play locally and probably gonna need these maps for when we get die rise.

    1. No problem I will be making the new maps for the western town called "Buried" the day they come out cannot wait looks very cool so hopefully by the time you get bored with die rise and move onto buried i will have figured everything out :D