Saturday, 2 March 2013

Die Rise 3rd Floor Map Layout - Call Of Duty Blackops 2 Revolution

Die Rise 3rd Floor Map Layout - Call Of Duty Blackops 2 Revolution

All Die Rise Areas: 

Floor 1 layout building 1

Floor 2 layout building 1

Floor 3 layout building 1

Electricity Room Layout building 2

Floor beneath electricity room layout building 2

Rooftop Layout for building 2

Floor beneath the rooftop for building 2

Trample Steam room layout

Hi guys,

Slowly but surely for the first building I have nearly completed most of the major parts of the floors in it as there is not a lot left really ot go on in it the further you go down. Once you get down to the bottom of the Chinese lobby section, you jump across to the other building which houses the electricity. Or to get there in the opening round you could have took the freight elevator at the very start of the game but we all know that already.

Still having a lot of fun with the Zombies Die Rise level on my own and with friends online so haven't had time recently to make the maps even though now I know them like the back of my hand, just like Transit, as played them to death and soon my death probably if I don't get more sleep soon :).

here is the third level of the main building map, which leads to the random crate. I kept them as one floor as the small slide down to the random crate from the diner part isn't really a new floor for me as it seems they were meant to be really as they flow very easily between each other. Unless there is a proper full on nearly break your neck drop to go down, I don't class these drops really as new levels.

Hopefully it will help keep you ahead of the game. There isn't anything to find really as I have been over it with a fine tooth comb for a few hours, just looking for items or anything I might of missed in the past about 800 goes. More is on the way, enjoy:

Thanks for reading and any tips or adrive you could give either on what the symbols on top of the 4 elevators do when you get them to appear and each player stands on them, what happends, how to get the polopper perk thats located halfway down the elvator shaft that you can fall down at the start of a game (broken elevator), please let me know :D Thanks.




  1. Hey mate, i can barely read what the small text says....and there is no way to get Phd can you fix the size maybe? Cheers, Matt

    1. Hi Matt sorry been away past few days doing uni stuff will get to work on it tomorrow night as its very late here :) I can read it on my screen but am using a 22 inch lcd which makes it a lot easier :D

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