Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Test Recording Footage Review

Hi Guys,

Due to a few complaints on my blog from my terrible video I have uploaded showing Mob Of The Dead Zombies footage I thought, I am going to invest in some recording hardware for the Xbox 360 which will blow the socks off my Samsung Europa Mobile phones camera which is terrible.

Video footage here:

I bought this a fortnight ago and thought I would test record some game and cutscene footage to show you the excellent quality you can get from your Xbox 360 or Playsation 3 games when recorded on the Hauppauge HD PVR 2.

This video has been recorded in HD from the Xbox 360, but then compressed from a 1.6GB file into a DVD Quality 3 MB per second quality when finished off in Windows Movie Maker. As you can see, its still pretty impressive. The HD PVR 2 gaming Edition has been tested on a laptop I use which uses 64 bit Windows 8 with 4GB of RAM and an I3 dual core processor. I have also tested on my Windows Vista PC which is an Intel Quad Core with 6GB of RAM and 1 GB of video memory (2 512mb Nividia 9600GT Cards).

Both tests have produced excellent results and I have found nothing wrong with either of the Operating Systems used. Windows 8 with the software provided with this HD PVR 2 does seem a bit more responsive and faster than when used on Vista, but you could use any software you want to record the source.

The quality of the original AVI file, which is the format I use to record onto, is outstanding quality, however it does make for some large file sizes. I recorded this exact video on it at full resolution and quality and the 11 minutes game footage came out at around 1.4 GB, I then tried recording at Medium quality and it came out around 1.2 GB per file. Each video when playing back had amazing HD picture quality!

So to make it smaller I went to lowest quality and it turned out around 680 MB which is a lot better and only lost a slight bit of quality. As mentioned before uploading, I then used Windows Movie Maker to compress it further ready for the web and youtube. I chose 3 MB per second DVD quality which is what you are seeing now. This turned it into a 260 MB file which is much better for uploading. Let me know what you think of the improved video quality.

Thanks for reading.


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