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Origins Map Layout Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Apocalypse DLC

Origins Map Layout Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Apocalypse DLC

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Post also shows how to activate the Generators also.

Origins Map Layout Of Entire Level
Updated 08/01/2015 taken from: http://voytech.one.w.interii.pl/map2.jpg 

Hi guys,

well here it is the final map pack in the Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie levels and it is out of this world! Well its in the same world, earth only way back in time to the First World War which reveals how all this horrific holocaust has come about throughout all of the zombie levels.

So far I have found that there is a new powerup called "Zombie Blood" which makes the screen go dark red. Its very handy as a pickup as it is kind of like Vulture Aids green smoke that you see when you kill a zombie and then stand in it, the zombies will ignore you. Vulture Aid is from the Buried Zombie Map level in the previous map pack. The Zombie Blood pickup makes the zombies ignore you for a brief amount of time until it wears off, They will not hit you or chase after you while it is on.

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like to pickup and what your HUD looks like then you have it activated:

Also when you go down on one player / solo play you get to see the Mauser pistol upgrades with a scope on it. It fies the upgraded Pack-A-Punch ammo like a laser and has a scope up on top with cross hairs which is very accurate. Here it is below when you have been downed:

Here is the map layout for the Laboratory Level/ Main Spawn Area (needs updated as I find more things out) its kind of a large file as there is a lot to this map so please give it a few second to download:

Activating the Generators in Origins:

To activate the generators at each point costs 200 points. Once activated, ancient warriors which seem to be electrified appear from portals and in order to charge the generator up to make it work, you have to keep them near the switch that you turned the generator on with.

An icon appears showing you how much charge is in the generator....you need to be close to the switch while its charging to keep it going, in multiplayer on this map, the more of you near the switch the quicker it charges. If they are too far away from the switch, the charge level will drop and you will hear the voice say that the charging has been interrupted.

Once full charged, everything inside that building will activate including the Der Wonderfuzz machine, Perk machines and anything else that needed power. I think that activating each generator produces a free reward from the "Rituals of the Ancients" chest. Check back here to see after activating each generator if you have got something.

Here is the generator being activated:

You will see a large blue icon charging when you are close enough to the switch:

If the you are too far away from the generator core, then it will turn red:

Check the "Rituals of the Ancients" chest for a free powerup reward for turning on the Generator:

Thanks for reading the first post guys and I will keep adding the maps each and everyday until finished and update you with all the latest secrets and Easter eggs I can find as I go along.





  1. Keep up the good work, looking forward to a complete map.

    1. no problem just updating this image as now I know the Wonderfizz is a random perk machine that costs 1500 and has a timer on it and changes location every so many rounds. Look for the one with an orb inside it meaning its active.

      Also the flat bed of steel beside some machine or on its own is the random crate spawn location.

      Just doing the tranches today along with the workshop and will get to work on the rest tomorrow check back in a few hours to see it.

    2. I don't know how well they made that map with the generators and the "you are here", but maybe you could take a picture of that in good resolution and make a map with that as a starting point.

    3. hey thanks for the idea never thought about it that way its just that every area has a ton of stuff in it with so much to explain but I will definitely think about this in the future if theres anything like zombies in the next Treyarch game they make after ghosts or if they are getting rid of zombies altogether but I can't see it as its very popular :)

      Will definitely think about using the maps already there as a photo. I see some online for other map packs is a photoshop mockup of it but the detail leaves a lot of stuff out as there isnt much room to put a lot of detail in it am afraid :)

    4. I made a map because with the same idea, it just took a looong time.
      Back in WaW days,

    5. -because, no edit button...

    6. very nicely done have to say like it a lot :) I might go back and do all the zombie maps from previous games etc when have time or ask peopel if can borrow the ones they have created and put it on here with links to their website, names etc but will see how it goes :) good job