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Outbreak Hidden Easter Egg Song in Outbreak Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare EXO ZOMBIES - Maps, Layouts, Secrets and Easter Eggs.

Hidden Song Easter Egg Guide: Hidden Song

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Wilhelm Richard Wagner- Flight of the Valkyries

Hi guys,

this post shows you how to activate the hidden Easter Egg song that is in the Exo Zombies Map Outbreak in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare which is "Flight Of The Valkyries" which is totally amazing and will liveon forever as a classic!

Basically its the same as the other Call Of Duty Zombies where you need to find certain items and press the X button on them, and you will hear a weird noise. Once you activate all of them, the corresponding tune or song will play.

The first item we need to find to activate is in the Administration Section of the Atlas facility. It is embedded in the wall beside the weapon upgrade terminal. It kinda looks like someone was playing darts with it against the wall and got lodged in the plasterwork :) Nice shot I say. When you activate it you will hear the starting of the tune, which teases you a bit, then stops and you go onto finding the other pieces.

The next part to find is in the Exo Holding area where the weapons upgrade and power switch is located. To the left of the weapons upgrade station, there is a guy on the table with his guts and blood all over the place, on the table there is a bone saw, click it and it will also play a teaser of the  song, and your done. Then onto the next and final piece.

The last piece is a cart or trolley which is in the Exo Testing room. Its to the left of the power switch and is where the large door is slightly ajar but you cannot go into. There is also a zombie spawn location window to the left of it as well. Simply looking in the opened door and hit that X  button to hear a classic tune you will never forget!

If your new to the level and not sure where these areas are on the map, they are very easy to find as the map is quite small, then check out the video below from the youtube user XRAYZ:

If you want to hear the song which is an amazing piece and don't want to complete the Easter it is amazing you will know it when you hear it if you don;t already!

Thanks for reading as always guys and good luck in the game.


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