Saturday, 12 December 2015

Footlight District Main Street Map Layout for Shadows Of Evil - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi Guys,

here is the Footlight Districts Main Street Map Layout for Shadows Of Evil in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies. This area looks like a traffic jam ensued when the zombie outbreak begun, people just up and done a runner from their cars as fast as they can to avoid being zombie fodder. This has however created a very hazardous obstacle course for you to navigate around when being chased by the flesh eaters and can make you run into some problems like dead ends, or getting stuck very easily if your not familiar with it.....luckily for you I am here and love creating maps :)

Here is the map layout for the Main Street area outside the Burlesque House plus its adjoining train station for this section:

The TRAIN STATION for this area:

When you get to this area you need to become the BEAST in order to grapple up to the top of the sign of the Burlesque house and shock the POWER SWITCH immediately behind you in order to open the door to get to the Burlesque dancers Ritual Table within. Once you do however be prepared as you will spawn a MARGWA which has 3 heads, bad breath and a beef to pick with you! You need to shoot him in whatever mouth is glowing yellow in order to kill him. Zombies still spawn as usual while he chases you around the map so be careful not to be too fixated on him or the obsession will be your downfall.

The second grapple point is used to get what looks like a WIG as the personal item for the Burlesque dancer's personal item to use in the Ritual table in this area. It is on a ledge in one of the alleyways inside a box that you have to knock down when in BEAST mode and is easy enough to do. I will continue with the FOOTLIGHT HIGH STREET next and the RIFT area and that should be this map completed, then reveal any more secrets I have not yet mentioned in the level.

Thanks for reading as always guys.



  1. Hey Henry I have been looking everywhere for maps for the inside of the burlesque lounge your maps have been the best I can find but I dont see one of the inside PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    1. I think its called the Ruby Rabbit the burlesque house if I remember correctly on this map. I think its at my post here:

  2. They are two different places they are even in different districts