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Shadows Of Evil FREE MEGA GOBBLEGUM Sweet Tooth guide - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is how to get a FREE MEGA GOBBLEGUM in Shadows Of Evil for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies. Can't get enough of that lovely bubbly chewing gum that is the taste sensation called Gobblegum? Well if not, your in for a treat this time around. This Mega Gobblegum puts Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's flavour changing bubblegum to shame.

To get the MEGA GOBBLEGUM, you will first need to do two things:

1. Complete all the ritual tables sacrifices
2. Purchase the Widows Wine Perk in the Rift Area

Once these two simple things have been done first, you need to head over to the room that is above the Canal District which has the sign saying "The Lady's Secret" in the middle of the room and locate 4 Lions heads statues on the wall that you will be throwing your Widows Wine grenades into. Do not use any of the Widows Wines grenades on zombies for the round you do this in as it will make it much easier to do it all at once when you get a breather from the zombie hordes.

When you get to the room, throw the Widows Wine grenades into the Lions mouths and make sure they land precisely in the gap in their mouths or it will not work. If your crap at throwing things, it may take a few goes before you get it right the first time around, but don't worry, practice makes perfect :)

When all of the grenades are in place correctly, one of the Lions heads will dispense a tasteless and yucky plain white Gobblegum with no flavour or pizazz and probably tastes like wet socks ewww. Pickup the white Gobblegum and head back toward the JUNCTION area of the map and find the ICE CREAM SHOP in that area and have a jeff juke in the window. You then press the use button to place the Gobblegum onto the plate in the window.


Then you just simply leave it for a few rounds before returning to it and picking it up again so that it can be used after killing a ton of zombies and you will see that it has grown in size. Some people think the longer you leave the gum to "mature" the better the powerups and perks will be when you do. This sort of mimics the weeds in the game as the longer you leave them they change colour from green to red and then to purple the longer you leave them, giving better powerups the longer they are left.

If you pick it up only after a few rounds you do seem to get quite frequently the RANDOM MEGA POWER DROPS which drops you Max Ammo, Carpenter etc powerups which are pretty common in the game but it does come in very handy indeed.

Here is the video from Laggin24x which the tips where taken from:

Thanks for reading as always.



  1. I would try but I'd be lucky to get to round 5 on my own...

    1. You can't be that bad you can do it....I sometimes go down in round one just by total accident so I must be worse than you at the game lol Usually when I am eating crisps or a biscuit at same time I have to make a choice tasty food....or end up as zombie food :)

  2. Do you get to keep the gobblegum and have it as one of the dispalys that are in the lobby ? you know how when everyone is getting ready to ready up and it shows all their special gobblegums ? would it show too ?

    1. No just like any mega gobblegum if you take it's gone through if you take it and unplug or turn of the internet connection you might be able to keep it

  3. How many times can you do the bubblegum

  4. Soo if you let the gobblegum sit longer, will it be better?