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Shaolin Shuffle Easter Egg Guide Part 2 for Infinite Warfare Zombies - Call Of Duty

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Easter Egg: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Easter Egg Guide Part 2

Step 7 - Defeat the Rat King....a no brainer

When the correct Cypher word is input from step 6, you will hear a gong noise echo throughout the map. The word you spelled will now be written fully on the wall.

This means its time for round 2 and you’ll get another chance to fight the Rat King. Go to the  RPR Evo wall buy beside the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine to find another Rat King boss battle opportunity. A yellow glowing symbol will be on the floor again. Walk over it to activate it and go Rat A Tat Tat on this vermin. You aim is to defeat him and collect his brain....if you can find he should have known better than to come up against a formidable foe such as yourself.

Once you beat him, pick up his glowing blue brain and then head back to the Dojo to speak to Pam Grier.

Step 8 -Subway Handyman

Once you speak to Pam at the dojo after defeating the Rat King, wait three rounds, and then the game will throw you forward another three rounds will automatically. This is to make the following sequence harder. These Call Of Duty boys do not liking making things easy for their players.

Use these spare 3 rounds to upgrade you Chi abilities, weapons and anything else you need for the fight of your life.

Come prepared to fight in an enclosed environment. Magic fire will block all the exit doors from the Black Cat Dojo, and a swarm of enemies will appear from all directions. Take them all out and survive the onslaught.

A piece of a turnstile gate will appear at the entrance to the Black Cat Dojo after completing the survival wave. Collect the turnstile and use it on the broken turnstile gate in the Spawn Room subway.

Step 9 - Going Shang Tsung  on zombies ass! Your soul is mine...if you still have one!

There’s another symbol to shoot to start the next sequence of events. Go to the Mule Munchies Perk Machine alleyway and climb the wooden ladder. Look for an open window at the very end of the platform and when you see the rat king yellow flashing symbol in the window,  shoot the symbol inside a building across the way. This will make a shutter fall down and block the window.

It will also summon a wave of glowing yellow symbols all over Shaolin Shuffle. You know what to do — go to each of the magic circles and kill zombies inside to collect their measly souls. Keep killing zombies under the circles disappear and the next event can begin.

The circles may move around 4 or 5 times in the map, and can also appear in the same place more than once so don't freak out if they do. You will know you have successfully completed the step when you hear a gong sound resonating through the map once completed.

Step 10 - This is your resident DJ, all zombies report to the dancefloor ASAP

Enter the Disco Inferno and head up to where the DJ Booth overlooks the dance floor. Interact with the best quality sound system ever invented, the vinyl player, and if you look down on the dance floor below, you will see a tiny disco ball appear ready to get its groove on.

What you have to do here is coax a zombie to walk underneath the disco ball where he will not be able to resist the rhythm of the music and he will start dancing quite awesomely under the disco ball. Kill only the dancing zombie and keep leading more zombies onto the dance floor of the Disco Inferno, not to tango, but to ONLY KILL WITH THE DISCO BALL TO DANCE....THEN DIE.

Each time you kill a zombie, it will randomly pick another feisty dancer. Keep killing disco ball zombies until it completely stops spawning. An ongoing argument with people which is a bit of a rumour is that you have to stay on the black and white disco tiles while doing this, as walking off them will reset your progress. Urban myth or phoney baloney? Lets just stay on the tiles to be safe.

Step 11 - Have you no heart Mr Rat King? So selfish...

Go outside the Disco Inferno to find a new Rat King Symbol. Activate it to initiate the third battle against the Rat King. When the Rat King is defeated this time, you’ll get his heart.  He probably won't fall in love for stealing his heart as its usually a metaphorical term, I don;t think he meant to steal it literally.

You’ll now have; the eye, the brain,and the heart....building a Frankenstein monster are we? With all 3....ewwww...body parts in tow, go back to the Black Cat Dojo and talk to Pam Grier for the final time and prepare for the final boss battle of the map.

The heart will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, careful not to drop it, its a slippery slimy bugger.

Step 12 - Big Boss Man

To initiate the final boss battle, travel down to the underground where the Rat King’s Lair is located. Complete a round while everyone is inside the lair to begin the battle. The Rat King will appear in the chamber and attack with zombies. Clear the zombies and shoot down the Rat King until he retreats.

TIP: Pam Grier provides unlimited revives if you’re on Solo. Use the Chi Elemental Powers to open crates in solo / team to reveal Perk Spawns which you can buy while in the battle. Collect the power-ups throughout the battle to keep an edge over the Rat King. If he gets one up on you, your dead, but you can use after life arcade etc to return to the battle if you go down.

After defeating the Rat King, there are three more stages to the boss fight which you can select any order to complete them, any body part which takes your fancy at the time. Each time you shoot the Rat King and he retreats, the 3 body parts will be floating around the room for you to choose. All 3 tiers must be completed in order to complete the Easter Egg:

  • Eye: Use the Rat King eye ability with [L1] to see glowing symbols. The Eye in the arena bounces around, making new symbols appear on the ceiling that are only visible with the eye ability. Quickly shoot the symbols on the ceiling as they appear to complete this stage.
  • Brain: Zombies will swarm the brain and the Rat King will try to stop them. When enough zombies have crowded round the brain for long enough, you will have completed this stage, this is the easiest of the 3. Focus on shooting the Rat King, when he’s down, a Max Ammo will appear.
  • Heart: Acid is dumped around the arena. Get kills while in the acid to clear the section, clear all the acid from the arena to complete this stage of the battle.
Complete all three steps to unlock the ending.

On completion you will not only get the achievement for doing so, you will be able to pick up the Kitana at the Black Cat Dojo, pick up the Soul Key and view the ending cut scene.....SWEET!

If you cannot wait to see the ending or have not purchased the DLC, here is a spoiler alert for you....the ending....ta da:

Still unsure how to complete it? Fear not, check out Mr Darlek JD's video below which is very easy to follow:

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