Sunday, 29 October 2017

Double Pack-a-Punch in Attack of the Radioactive Thing Zombies - Infinite Warfare

Double Pack-a-Punch

First obtain the Crowbar, then navigate to Pack-a-Punch, press the Button on the left wall, the player will now teleport within an RV. Locate the damaged cabinet (should be above you) and melee it with the Crowbar, within the Alien Fuses  can be obtained.

Next complete the following tasks:
  • Fill up Elvira's vial by getting Cleaver kills 
  • Navigate to the Power Station, place the Alien Fuses on the ground near the Electric Trap.
  • Activate the Electric Trap and once it's done you can pick up the Alien Fuses and place them in the Pack-a-Punch machine.

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Still unsure how to get it? Check out Slick Joes YouTube video below:

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