Saturday, 2 February 2013

What do the keys do on Die Rise in Black Ops 2? - Xbox 360 Version

What do the keys do on Die Rise in Black Ops 2? - Xbox 360 Version

Hi guys,

just found out what the keys are used for in the Zombie map Die Rise. Lots of people when the day the new map came out thought it was for special easter eggs and keys to hidden doors, however they are in fact used to call the elevator to whatever level you are on, and also bringing with it any perks that are in that particular one.

Each key can only be used once so its best saving it incase of a player gets downed and needs an important perk back like Juggernaut or if they haven't got the perk yet but find themselves stuck in a difficult spot where the extra abilities may come in handy.

Don't forget that you can jump onto the roof of the lifts and hitch a ride to the next level or up to the roof. Here is some images of the keys being user and how to use them:

When you spawn at start of the level, go down the elevator that crashes to pick up 2 keys in the corridor below:

You will notice that each lift has these controls beside them with the lock that needs a key, however when you walk past when the power is off it will not say anything about inserting an elevator key.
Turn the power on and go back to an elevator or whenever you need one and walk up to the control panel where it will tell you to "Hold X to insert elevator key":
Once the part is added, hey presto, wehatever lift you have called will come up to you right away and brings whatever paerk is inside the lift as well with it.
I will keep posting as I find out more secrets about the game. Once I have the second floors mapped out and other floors, I will post them as well as how to build the Sliquifier gun and wheres its parts spawn etc as its a very fun gun to use and spawns in the random crate afterwards when you build it.
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  1. Thanks nice to know :D

    1. No problem they can be used to get out of a tight spot really quickly or if you have alost a perk and need it back ASAP. :)

  2. you can also i think use it to get the phdlook closer at the walls around you that is key