Saturday, 9 March 2013

Electricity Room Layout - Die Rise - Building 2 - Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Electricity Room Layout - Die Rise - Building 2 - Call of Duty Black Ops 2

All Die Rise Areas: 

Floor 1 layout building 1

Floor 2 layout building 1

Floor 3 layout building 1

Electricity Room Layout building 2

Floor beneath electricity room layout building 2

Rooftop Layout for building 2

Floor beneath the rooftop for building 2

Trample Steam room layout

Hi guys,

Here is the layout for the second building which houses the switch to turn on the electricity and activate all the elevators, and also shows where the parts are to build the siliquifier gun, which some people are having some problems with still.

If the parts are not in the locations listed on the map, then they will spawn on the level below for the siliquifier. Its a very good gun to have and when you build it, which you can only do once, it will become available as a random gun for anyone else to purchase in the random crate (if your lucky, fingers crossed).

Here is the map layout of the electricity room:

I am currently working on the floor below map layout which took 3 or 4 goes to get it mapped out as a lot of obstacles in it interfered with my visualising of the map in simple shapes lol. Sounds a bit daft but hopefully this map will help you people with the parts that people sometimes cannot find to build the siliquifier gun.

Check back in an hour or so and I should have the floor below this one, the roof and the floor just below the roof all done too just like magic :D.

Thanks for the support guys and comments on the blog.

Everyone knows how to turn on the power but if your a total newbie to the map here is a video to show you how from a youtuber :) :

 Thanks for watching and reading guys.




  1. Um Sorry for asking but, Why arent the Perks Labled on the Electricity room, room below electricity room, rooftop or floor below rooftop?

    1. Hey Josiah, I noticed that some of the perks changed location in one game and where not in the same place, this was mainly the mule kick one which changed places however I will add in the perks that stay in the same place like who's who, juggernaut and quick revive, I will add in however later tonight the perks that appear in these locations when I play another game tonight :)

  2. Oh and are you gonna do the Buddah Room (A.K.A big room with lots of Red Pillers) and how many more rooms/floors do you need to get done b4 the WHOLE ENTIRE map is done?? :D

    1. Hi Josiah I think the buddah room is the last sort of floor to do then I will do the shafts that you fall down as there is only two rooms on the way down the shaft its quite easily mapped and all there is down there is electro knuckles. I will do the red room with the pillars next as it just leads to jumping across to the 2nd building from the balcony and leads to electricity / siliquifier area. Keep an eye out tomorrow I will do this :D

    2. Thank You SO Much, These Layouts have helped out greatly in my runs! You are doing a Great Job! And one thing i wanted to say is an idea i had, You could Put all these layouts into ONE BIG MAP, I Think it would be Very cool in my opinion! It would help alot so We dont have to change pictures in the middle of playing! Just an Idea I had, you dont have to make it if you dont want to, but it would just be cool :D

      Thanks, Josiah

    3. Yeah its a good idea for sure I was also thinking of making the maps a lot more graphic intense and make it easier to draw out by using FPS Creator which I have X9 and X10 versions and I can paint the map from above and make it much more visually appealing and make certain sections line up a lot better :)

      I will have a think about the map being together or if I can make a webspage with links you can click to access the maps as you walk out of each area that kinda thing maybe :)