Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Buried - Resolution 1295 Map Layout Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC zombies


Hi Guys,

finally the new map pack has arrived and as per usual, its full of weird and wonderful easter eggs, secrets and new things to figure out. It also appears to be quite large as well with lots of nests of tunnels running in and out of areas as well as lots of buildings to go into, all underground.

Here is the first map layout for the main spawn area. Not too much to find here just an LSAT heavy machine gun located at the top of the broken stairs which you have to jump to and quickly buy the LSAT before it collapses and you go underground no matter what. Make sure you have the 2000 to buy it before you go up or you will make a fool of yourself each time :)

I have only played about an hour tonight so far as waiting for my friends to come on and experience it fully more to find parts more quicker and what the build tables etc do.

Here is the map layout for the spawn area:

When you get the teleporter portal created between the two fountains underneath, you will be teleported to the broken machine just below the rails of where you spawn. This is where you will build the NAV CARD TABLE and once built it will look like this:
Thanks for reading guys will be updating and posting more pics of each level layout and secret as I do them and find them.


  1. just done level 2 you can check it out here:


    Just added video of how to use leeroy to destroy the barriers, fight zombies and using time bomb weapon.

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