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Using Leeroy the Giant in Buried Zombie Map Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC and TIME BOMB weapon

Using Leeroy the Giant in Buried Zombie Map Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC and TIME BOMB weapon

Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn Area -- Second Level Under Spawn Area -- Tunnels (Second Level) -- Courthouse Building -- General Store -- Casino building -- Sheriffs Building -- Bank Building -- Candy Store -- Gunsmith Store -- Barn -- Church -- Ghost House -- Garden Bagoda & Pack a Punch -- Overall Street Layout --

Hi guys,

*Update* ON TIME BOMB - The time bomb basically creates a waypoint system incase you are about to get killed. Rather than restarting the entire game over again, if you drop a waypoint or time bomb down, if your about to die, activate it and it will teleport you back to whenever you dropped it and you will still retain all of your perks, guns etc that you had at the time. Its best to drop it at the end of each round or at the start. When you get a max ammo each time you will get another time bomb, that if dropped while another is lying on the ground, will overwrite that one and the time it spawns you back to. Very useful if your about to die you can activate it and try again without restarting from round zero.

Below is how to use Leeroy to destroy barriers for you and attack zombies by giving him the right ingredients to make him do either of these things. He can also build the items on the build tables himself if you give him candy and he will go and get the parts himself rather than you having to get them one by one. If you need more candy and want to build more devices on the tables in a single round, just go to the candy store and to the counter, then buy another bowl of candy for 1000.

To get Leeroy out of the Sheriff Offices jail cell, you will need to first locate a green key which spawns randomly on all of the various hooks you will see dotted around the levels in each of the buildings. Once you find this, you can open the jail cell to let him out.

Once he is out, you need to find booze which also spawns in various places, mainly the casino on the tables, in Leeroys jail cell and other places, which will make him destroy the barriers that block a lot of the village off. To get him to charge the way you want. simply line him up with his back facing the barrier, give him the booze, and he will rung toward the direction you are facing.

If you want Leeroys help to kill zombies, you will need to feed him candy. The candy is located normally the first time in the candy shop in a few spawn places. Once you get the candy, simply feed him it when your in trouble and he will go nuts kicking and punching all round him knocking out all the zombies and killing them quite effectively. You don't however get any points for him doing this. The candy will respawn in various locations again around the map if you want to use it again on him.

If you shoot Leeroy he will run back to the cell and lock himself inside. If he does you will need to find the key again to release him which will respawn randomly on the hooks they hang on.

I have also shown one of the 3 new weapons in the game which I have got and tried all of them now and like them a lot. The one I got while recording this was the TIME BOMB. The time bomb gives you some breathing space if the zombies have corned you and you can't get out. You use left trigger to drop the bomb and right trigger to activate it anytime it doesn't have to be right away.

It slows down time and then teleports you back in time and puts all the zombies back to their original spawn locations at the start of the map. Quite handy.

Check out the video below to see how to feed Leeroy and how to use the time bomb:

Here is how to use the Candy to make Leeroy build the build tables items for you. He will choose a random machine to build at a build table so it could be anything:

Thanks for reading guys am working overtime to get the secrets maps and perks all up as quick as I can :)


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