Sunday, 12 April 2015

Burger Town Map Layout for INFECTION Exo Zombies - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Hidden Song: Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Infection Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 --- Part 2
--- Part 3

Map Areas: Hoard More --- Value Voltage / Gas Station --- Atlas Command Centre --- Sewers Upper Level --- Sewers Lower Level --- Burger Town

Hi guys,

here is the final part of the Infection Exo Zombies Map Layouts for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. It is the part where you finally get to Burger Town and can have a well earned zombie burger for the survivors, as I am sure they are starving after doing all that running around.

This area hosts features such as the:
  • Orbital Strike security trap
  • Bubby the Burger Town Mascot - Part of Easter Egg
  • The Giant Burger - Part of Easter Egg where giant rocket comes out
  • Weapon Upgrade Station
  • Exo Health
  • Garbage Chute
  • HBRA3 Assault rifle on the roof of Burger Town
  • Golden Spaceship on Roof - as part of musical Easter Egg

Here is the Map layout below enjoy:

I hope you have enjoyed the Infection Exo Zombies and I look forward to doing the maps for the next DLC content.

Thanks for reading Guys.


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