Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sewer Area Map Layout - Lower Level INFECTION Exo Zombies - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Hidden Song: Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Infection Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 --- Part 2
--- Part 3

Map Areas: Hoard More --- Value Voltage / Gas Station --- Atlas Command Centre --- Sewers Upper Level --- Sewers Lower Level --- Burger Town

Hi guys,

here is the last part of the sewers section for INFECTION Exo Zombies in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I just have the Burger Town area to map out and thats it finished for another map pack. Sorry it took so long have been doing lot of gardening building planters and enjoying the sunshine soaking up the rays, hope your all enjoying some of it too wherever you are from :).

Anyhoo here is the lower level of the Sewers section which houses the Insta-Gator trap, the water fall that hides the secret room that you need to use the GOLDEN FRYING PAN in to fill up with zombie blood before taking to Burger Town and drop it onto the cooker.IT also has the decontamination device to help you get clear of your infection when the annoying green smokey zombies appear from time to time in certain rounds.

Here is the map layout for this area:

The small tube also has the ZOMBIE PILE UP glitch where you can go into the tube in this area and just stay still and the zombies will not be able to hit you, unless they are exploding zombies and explode in the background or near where you are might tickle you a bit. This may be patched in any updates you download in the future as usually when it gets widespread and the developer realises about the glitch, it is very quickly fixed. 

Here is a short video of 3 glitches that have been found on INFECTION Exo Zombies:

Thanks for reading as always guys and will have Burger Town Area either tomorrow or Friday.


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