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Exo Zombies Infection Easter Egg Guide and Walkthrough Part 2 - COD ZOMBIFIED

Hidden Song: Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Infection Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 --- Part 2
--- Part 3

Map Areas: Hoard More --- Value Voltage / Gas Station --- Atlas Command Centre --- Sewers Upper Level --- Sewers Lower Level --- Burger Town

Hi guys,

This is the second part of the Easter Egg For the Exo Zombies level INFECTION in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Continuing on from STEP5 and BBQ'ing the 4 packs of meat in the frying pan with the MAGNATRON gun, its time to getback to doing what we do best....kicking zombies asses :):


You need to start killing some zombies now, chiefly the ones that are dressed as the former employee's of the highly successful Burger Town franchise which is now ultimately doomed. They wear the funny hats and the Burger Town uniform, they are not hard to miss. Keep killing them until one of them drops a burger that you can pickup. Not all of them will drop one but be patient and enjoy the killing frenzy until they do drop the burger. It looks like this below:

Once you get the burger, it will be stored in your inventory. Run back to Burger Town and put it into the frying pan and get that baby cooking.


Pick the burger backup from the frying pan, as soon as you do, you will become infected. Get down to the decontamination chamber in the sewers to rid yourself of the infection. The infected burger will stay in your inventory when you clear the infection and this is normal.

Once you are cleared of infection, run to Burger Town and outside it, give the infected burger to the Mascot called Bubby. He is outside in the drive through style speaker on the side of Burger Town.

He will then eat the bugger thinking its delicous, however when he is finished, he will mention that his battery is low, so onto the next step ;).

Step 8

Next scoot over to get Bubby a new battery. Go to where the Atlas Command area is and go into the command booth room beside where the sewers are. Previously the screen inside side ACCESS DENIED, however now you will see a picture of Bubby along with his current power status of his battery, which is now at 0%. 

Go up to the picture and hit the use button on it to activate the new battery process. Then quickly run outside to the other building beside the sewer entrance which has the areas power switch and look for the panel in the corner like the one below, the battery will be spat out here and you simply pick it up. It is a timed event and the battery will disappear if you don't hurry up, simply press the button in the command module to reinitiate the battery being dropped out:


Now take the battery to the Value Voltage area so that you can plug it into the electric car / battery charger and get this battery back online. 

When the blue charging lights go red you can take the battery back. When the battery is charging, it takes a little bit of time, zombies can attack the battery and knock it out of the charger. You will then need to restart the charging process again so its best done when you have a quiet spell between rounds.

Make your way back to Burger Town and give Bubby the battery. In return he will give you a key for helping him out that lets you get into the giant burger the ladders go up to outside the Burger Town Restaurant.

Now lets move onto Part 3 we are almost there!

Thanks for reading as always guys


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