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WOLF BOW UPGRADE in Der Eisendrache zombies - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Der Eisendrache Map Layout: Main Spawn Area -- Outside Castle Gate -- Main Gate Courtyard Area -- Trophy Room -- Upper Courtyard -- Living Quarters -- Armory -- Mission Control -- Family Crypt -- Undercroft -- Teleporter Room -- Rocket Platform --

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Hi Guys,

here is the Der Eisendrache bow guide that allows you to upgrade the Wrath of the Ancients bow to the WOLF BOW. As with all the bows....your probably thinking I am sounding like a broken record by now.......you need to have obtained the Wrath of the Ancients Bow first in its most basic form. To get the original bow is very easy, simply fill up the 3 Stone Dragons heads with as many zombies souls as they can take before they turn to stone and smash into a smithereens.

Then you simply head down to the room in the undercroft that has a tomb / coffin room with a knight in it, Just behind him you will see the bow floating ready to be picked up once all 3 dragons heads are completed. You will see above the archway where you collect the bow the status of the dragons heads, which ones have been completed and which ones still need to be done.

Anyhoo back to the WOLF BOW....

Step 1 - Art is as deadly as an arrow

Around the Der Eisendrache castle is some lovely artwork hanging on the walls.....it is their to be admired, but you can also interact with it, which is what will be needed in order to upgrade to the WOLF BOW.

In total there are 4 paintings that you can interact with around the castle:
  • One in the bell tower
  • One in the room just past the mine shaft
  • One in the upstairs of the church
  • One just past the trophy room

Each one of the paintings listed above needs to be activated in a certain order. You will  notice that if activated in the correct order, 2 dog symbols will appear on each of the paintings and stay there, accompanied by a guitar strumming noise. If you mess up the order of these don't worry, you can simply restart the sequence again. Each play through is totally random the order in which these paintings will need activated in. Its a matter of simply trial and error.

Step 2 - Package Pickup

Once you have activated all of the paintings, head down to the basement and where the symbol of the dog is shown on the wall, will crumble and reveal the UPGRADE QUEST to forge the new arrow. Once you have picked up this quest, you need to head over to the ROCKET TEST FACILITY.

When here, look up high on the cliff above where the blast doors are in this area and with your bow and arrow, shoot the RED FLAG that you can see on the cliff top. When you hit it correctly, it will make a skull roll down the cliff and land on the rocket pad area. Pick this skull up and then teleport back to the main castle and place it in the DOG BOX in the keepers shrine in the basement.

Brace yourself and have a change of underwear handy, when you place the skull in the dog box, a ghostly wolf will spawn, wondering why the hell you woke him up.

Step 3 - Tail the Wolf

When the wolf spawns, he will start to move and this is your queue to follow him. At a certain point he will stop still and start digging up the ground beneath him. When he is finished digging, there will be a weird blue glow from that area and you will need to collect zombie souls into it. When no more zombie souls will squeeze into the dug hole, then you know you have completed this task.

When the souls have finished being collected, go over to the hole and hold the use button and it will cause the wolf to continue walking around. He will dig a total of 3 times before he ends up underground in front of the PACK A PUNCH machine, each time, repeating the steps of collecting the zombie souls where he had dug.

Step 4 - This walls a load of paws

When step 3 is completed, the wolf will stand up on its hind legs pressing against and facing a wall with a crack in it looking up. What you need to do now is activate the ANTI GRAVITY in this room, which is done by standing on all of the blue squares on the floor that is around the pyramid in this room. When the anti gravity is active, you will notice a hole in the wall way up top near the ceiling with dog / wolf symbols on it. Simply wall run up the wall and shoot an arrow into this hole

If your arrow has landed correctly, a small panel will come out in front of the hole in the wall that you can stand on. Once standing on this panel, face directly into the hole / crack in the wall and press and hold the use button. This will activate a very friendly skeleton who will come to life briefly and hand you your newly re-forged arrow.

Step 5 - Time to Shrine

Now what you want to do is take the re-forged arrow down to the undercroft and where the Gatekeeper shrines are, place it on the one that has the 2 wolf symbols on it. Then like all the other arrows, collect zombie souls into the arrow until no more will go in. It takes around 20 zombies to fill up the arrow. Once no more souls will enter the arrow, equip the Wrath of the Ancients bow and place it on the shrine. Wait a few seconds and VOILA! You will have your new wolf bow ready to use with a life time guarantee parts and labour.

This bow launches zombies into the air and flying backwards each time you shoot. When you shoot you will notice the ghostly wolf image flying out and launching zombies into the stratosphere its quite cool but the more higher in rounds your game gets to, the weaker this bow becomes without upgrading it.

Then check out my favourite Easter Egg Guide Call Of Duty Youtuber MRDALEKJD's channel and videos here:

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  2. I forgot most steps, thank you for helping while I am in a match as well!

    1. No worries at all glad to be of help. Don't forget to check my map layouts for firebase Z Zombies in cold war. Thanks