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Revelation Easter Egg Guide Walkthrought Part 4 - Back Ops 3 Zombies

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Step 10 - Deja Vu Mr Shadow Man

Now we need to head over to the Kino Der Toten theatre and jump into the teleporter to meet our destiny with the Shadow Man himself. Hopefully this time it will be....a revelation.....that we kick his ass and never see his ugly mug ever again around these parts.

Once you arrive at the room, it will almost feel like Deja Vu in the sense that this fight feels almost exactly the same as the fight from "Shadows of Evil".....and you would be right. Its exactly the same, except with a little help from SOPHIA in the process.

To summon the Shadow Man, simply run over to the book again that you previously played Simon Says with and hold the USE button on it. This will make the Shadow Man appear, he seems pretty peeved off as you must have interrupted him during one of his favourite TV shows such as the Walking Dead....I also would be annoyed if got interrupted watching an episode....but that's life....interruptions happen.....like in this sentence...constant interruptions :).

Anyway when the Shadow Man appears he will have his trade mark shield around him which stops him from being damaged.

Throughout the whole fight things can get really crazy, cramped, hectic and deadly as the fight goes on and on, tons of enemies are streaming out at the same time you fight him, trying to save their master. In order to beat the Shadow Man, we will be placing the Summoning Key that you are carrying around onto the rock podium that is located up one of the pair of steps you can go up in this area.

You simply:

1. Place Summoning Key down

2. Kill enemies and zombies to charge Summoning Key Up with souls

3. Pick up Summoning key

4. Throw into SOPHIA place holder (Glowing blue and pointing towards Shadow Man)

5. When laser beam from SOPHIA fires, his shield goes down, shoot him like mad to inflict as much damage as possible

6. Repeat until he is forced into Giant Apothicon Mouth in Background Where he is Destroyed!

Once his shield is down and you are shooting him up close, he will eventually be pushed into the giant Apothicons mouth. When he is in there, run up to the book and hit the USE button on it and the laser beam shooting out of the book will vaporise him and the Giant Apothicon head, two birds with one stone if you ask me.

Once the Shadow Man dies, the sweet smell of success will hit you when you are rewarded with 1 million XP points, definitely not to be sniffed at, along with a calling card and achievements for this zombies map.

Once its over you will be teleported back to Samantha's room where the cut scene will play.

If you have not seen the cut scene, here it is below:

Having trouble with any of the Steps? Check out NOAHJ456's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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